The amount is shocking.

All 2018 on hearing the Russians were “financial investment project” Cerberi. As it became known towards the end of the year, “Cerberi” turned out to be a pyramid scheme. Soon after the recognition of the “Casbee” pyramid project closed and depositors were left without money. According to experts, the Russians “buried” in the “Casbee” about three billion rubles.

As the experts said, the losses are very difficult to assess, since there is no official information from the representatives of the “Casbee”. However, according to our analysis, losses of the Russians in “Casbee” shall not be less than three billion rubles.

Analysts said that many “investors” in the pursuit of profit invested in “Casbee” not only their money. Not a few would-be investors took money borrowed from banks, and often the amounts the banks were doing is overwhelming.

According to the Director of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Valery Lyakh, “Cerberi” was one of the largest pyramids, which the Bank of Russia was able to identify in recent years. Also the Pole has noticed that in Russia regularly run similar projects, so the Russians need to be vigilant and not to trust promises about the possibility of obtaining enormous profits in the shortest possible time.

Source: RIA.


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