Now Nokia is only in the “Beeline”, but profitable!

Nokia and Beeline have agreed on cooperation, according to which Russian will be the exclusive operator to sell Nokia smartphones in Russia. Following the announcement on cooperation in the “Beeline” announced the start of sales of Nokia 1 and Nokia 2.1 on favorable terms.

“Beeline” has launched the sale of the first smartphone Nokia on exclusive terms on 16 July. In salons and online store operator, a model Nokia 1 for the price of just 5 990 rubles. In early August, “Beeline” will start sales of a more advanced model — Nokia 2.1. The smartphone will be sold at a price of 7 990 rubles, which is reduced compared to normal.

Experts believe that cooperation with the “Beeline” is the only chance for Nokia to seriously boost sales of low-cost smartphones in Russia. Now on the Russian market of budget smartphones is dominated by Xiaomi and Huawei. Indicators Nokia is growing each quarter, and the company even managed to enter the top five most successful manufacturers of smartphones, but the gap is very large.

In the future, “Beeline” will start sale and other Nokia smartphones. It is expected that new products will be run on profitable for the buyers conditions.

Source: Kommersant.


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