The easiest and most efficient way.

It is no secret that Russian operators can “accidentally” or by inadvertent request subscribers to connect paid services. Reports of the sudden appearance of paid services arrive daily in large numbers in social networks and on different thematic resources. Beeline, one of the most popular Telecom operators among the Russians, is no exception — complaints from its subscribers. Fortunately, there is a simple way once and for all to deny access to paid services such as ringtones, games or pictures.

“Beeline” there is a special free (completely free, no gimmicks) service “cost Control”. The intent of the statement it was created in order to enable callers to control the costs of its children for services on short numbers. Recently, however, callers often connect the option to their rooms.

This is done to ensure that no “accidentally” plug-in paid services, never came back. The option works is very specific, but effective way. Service creates room for more balance. This balance is zero and it requested the money when trying to connect paid services with short numbers. But since the balance is zero, with the money he will not be charged and the services do not connect. Minus this additional balance is not going away.

Thus the problem with the possibility of paid services is solved completely. On the main account not even made requests for connection services. If you have clicked accidentally on the button with the confirmation of purchase, whether the operator connected the service itself for any hidden conditions or on your smartphone we got a virus. In either case the service will not be connected, and the money will remain safe and sound.

To activate “Control costs” and to solve the annoying problem very simply. For this, you need to dial USSD-command *110*5062# and press call. After a successful (recall and free) service activation on your number will be added for more balance. Monitor the status of another USSD command — *622#.

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