Other operators definitely should respond to such a move.

Mobile operator “Beeline” has launched a new tariff “Unlim”, which provides fully unlimited Internet on extremely favorable terms. New tariff plan provides unlimited without any restrictions on speed, not only in the home region, but while traveling in Russia. In addition, unlimited Internet available for download any file from torrents. Similar proposals from other operators does not yet exist.

New tariff “Unlim” includes 500 minutes of talk per month and unlimited Internet for whole Russia. The latter feature is what sets the proposal of “Beeline” from the competition. Other providers offer unlimited high speed exclusively in the home region of the subscriber. In other regions, the Internet speed is reduced upon reaching the small volume of traffic.

Also the new tariff Beeline allows you to download any files from torrents without restrictions on speed. Note that the other operators to download from file sharing also has strict limitations.

However, there limits to the rate of “Unlim”. Tariff plan subscribers are not able to distribute free Internet to other devices. It will have to pay a considerable sum — 50 roubles in an hour of distribution, or 150 rubles per day.

Fee at the rate of “Unlim” depends on the region. So, in Moscow for the rate you want to pay 20 rubles per day (600 per month), but, for example, in Voronezh — only 9 rubles per day (270 rubles per month). The rate is valid per day charging. Note that in most regions of Russia the price at the rate of “Unlim” is greatly reduced in comparison with Moscow.

To find a fee at the rate in your area you can on the page of the tariff plan “Unlim”.

In August 2018, “Beeline” became one of the first Russian operators that returned the possibility of unlimited Internet connection. However, to connect the subscriber with the nl, it was necessary to address the specialized shops of the operator.


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