Small, but still a discount.

Mobile operator “Beeline” did not pull and made the first discount on the new iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone, which went on sale in Russia last week. Discount, the amount of which is not the greatest, can only be obtained when you purchase the smartphone online store operator.

Beeline has offered a discount of 2% on the iPhone XS iPhone XS when paying with a smartphone online. Given the high cost of new products Apple in rubles discount from the operator up to 2 500 rubles..

For the most affordable new smartphones, the iPhone XS with 64 GB of memory cost 87 990 rubles, there is a reduction of 1 800 rubles. And the most expensive model, the iPhone XS Max with 512 GB of memory with a value of 127 990 rubles 2 500 rubles. Full list of smartphones that offered skid is located below:

iPhone XS

  • iPhone XS 64 GB — 86 231 rouble (space gray, silver, gold).
  • iPhone XS 256 GB — 98 881 rouble (space gray, silver, gold).
  • iPhone XS 512 GB — 116 611 ruble (space gray, silver, gold).

iPhone XS Max

  • iPhone XS Max 64 GB — 95 051 ruble (space grey, gold).
  • iPhone XS Max 256 GB — 107 791 rouble (space gray, silver, gold).
  • iPhone XS Max 512 GB — 125 431 ruble (gold).

The proposal of “Beeline” is unique in its kind. The fact that the widespread decline in prices for new iPhone XS iPhone XS Max will not happen soon. Smartphones only started to sell in Russia, so expect a price drop on them in the coming weeks is not necessary.


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