But it also increases the speed of the Internet.

Beeline officially announced future increase in the subscription fee rates on many home Internet. November 28, 2018 monthly fee of 38 different tariff plans will increase by 50 rubles per month. Along with this “Beeline” to change the conditions of tariffs, increasing the speed of your Internet connection.

According to official figures a press-service of “Beeline” from November 28, 2018, will begin a phased upgrade of obsolete tariff plans for home Internet. A total of “Beeline” 38 will change tariffs, including the extremely popular plans “Atmosphere”, “Air”, “Christmas”, and “Autumn”.

Full list of tariff plans, which will affect the changes:

  • The atmosphere
  • Atmosphere (Full set)
  • Atmosphere+
  • Wirelessly
  • In your best interest
  • The air
  • 21st century home
  • Home Optimum
  • Home Standard
  • Home Standard
  • Multi
  • Multi (Archive)
  • Multi + (Archive)
  • Multi +archiv
  • Multi 30
  • Multi 30_2015
  • Multi Archive
  • Мульти_2015
  • Multi+
  • Multi+_2015
  • Christmas
  • New year 2015: 2 TV
  • New year 2015: 3 TV
  • Christmas Internet and TV
  • New year’s eve broadcast
  • Autumn
  • Pack Multi The Winter
  • Rostov Internet and TV for 450
  • Rostov Internet and TV 450 (archive)
  • Standard
  • Stratosphere
  • Superhero TV
  • Superhero TV 500
  • Superhero TV Promo
  • Superhero TV+ Promo
  • Superhero TV+
  • Superhero
  • Live

On all the above tariff plans monthly fee will increase by 50 rubles per month.

But with the increasing speed of Internet connections is more complicated. “Beeline” will increase the speed depending on the rate and region. At rates without differentiating the speed will increase speed to 20 Mbit/s rates with differential speed (varies by day and by night) the connection speed will be raised to 30/60/80/100 Mbps, depending on region and tariff plan.

The easiest way to determine whether you are affected by the changes “Beeline” is viewing a special table, which was created by the provider. The table shows changes for all rates and regions.

Source: Beeline.


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