Major changes.

Mobile operator “Beeline” announced the coming change in the cost of sending SMS to short numbers. From September 18, 2018 “Beeline” will start to take for such SMS by 2.5 ruble. The cost of sending text messages to short numbers of different providers of entertainment content will not change.

What about SMS is it?

From 18 September “Beeline” will send text messages to numbers of the type XXX and XXXX, which belong:

  • trading companies,
  • the credit card companies,
  • service organizations.

The operator carries out works according to the change in the cost of sending SMS to service numbers for several months. Innovations are applied in stages. A new stage, which will occur on September 18, is one of the largest as “Beeline” massively change the cost of text messages.

The new rules “Beeline” should become a positive for most subscribers. Now when sending SMS to short numbers may be charged a lot of money. On the other hand, sending SMS to some numbers at the moment are free, and will be paid.

Previously, “Beeline” allow all subscribers to watch TV right on your iPhone.

Source: Beeline.


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