The next generation network is not so distant as it might seem.

In the next few years in Russia will be launched first commercial 5G network, which will open many new opportunities for companies and subscribers. Russian operators are very interested in the launch of fifth generation networks. They are regularly sent applications for obtaining frequencies for 5G to the State Commission for radio frequencies (SCRF). The latest series of such applications will be considered on October 31. If the scrd will provide frequencies for 5G operators, the development of networks of new generation will begin to develop a heightened pace.

If members approve the application a Beeline, Tele2 and MTS, testing and development of 5G networks will begin to engage all operators of the “big four”. Now access frequencies have only 5G “MegaFon”, “Rostelecom” and neets.

It should also be noted that the original frequencies 5G will be tested not all of Russia. The application of the “Beeline” became known that the operator has requested frequencies only in Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Krasnodar territory, the Novosibirsk region and the Republic of Tatarstan. It is possible that in these regions first commercial 5G network will be launched earlier than others.

It is noteworthy that earlier Beeline, Tele2 and MTS has already sent applications to the scrd to obtain the necessary frequencies for 5G networks. However, operators were denied. Against the allocation of frequencies in favor of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”, which turned out to be the desired data frequency.

Source: cnews.


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