Operator subscribers will appreciate.

Mobile operator “Beeline” plans to launch a brand new tariff, the main feature of which will be completely unlimited Internet with high speed. The launch of a new tariff that has not received a final name, is scheduled for September 2018. According to the published data, fee according to tariff plan will be very beneficial to subscribers.

Russian operators started to return unlimited Internet in August 2018. The first distinguished MTS, which launched the plan of “Maritime”that provide unlimited Internet without any restrictions.

The nl introduced the “Beeline”. The operator made it completely free, but only for subscribers of the tariff “Samoa”. In addition to map a nl from the “Beeline” subscribers must come personally to the customer care Department of the operator and to activate the option. To do this from your account or with the help of USSD-command impossible.

However, in the coming weeks “Beeline” will remedy the situation. The operator will introduce a new tariff with unlimited Internet without serious restrictions. A charge rate must be lower than the competition. Due to this “Beeline” will try to attract new subscribers.


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