The unexpected decision of the operator.

Mobile operator “Beeline” announced the change of rules of granting one of the most popular free services among subscribers. “Beeline” announced to users that with September 6, 2018 the service “Trust payment” will be paid. The maximum fee for use of the service will be 40 rubles.

Special rules

According to the official statement, “Beeline”, from 6 September 2018 the service “Trust payment” will be paid. The operator will take 30 rubles for connection of trust in the amount of from 201 to 700 rubles and 40 rubles when connecting payment in the amount of 701 of the ruble and more.

In this case, if the subscriber activates Trustee payment in the amount of 200 rubles, the connection will be performed free of charge.

In the “Beeline” explained in detail the principle of operation of the service “Trust payment” to the subscribers to avoid any issues. For example, if the payment of your fare is 500 rubles, and on the account is 300 rubles, that confidence transfer will be connected to the amount of 200 rubles. In this case, it will be free.

If, for example, a charge rate is 400 rubles, and on account of only 100, trust will connect for 30 rubles. The same rule applies to cases in which for payments, you must pay more than 701 of the ruble.

In the “Beeline” noted that prior to September 6, 2018 subscribers can activate the service “Trust payment” free of charge regardless of the amount requested.


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