An amazing smartphone from Samsung.

At the presentation on 20 February Samsung officially introduced its first folding smartphone Galaxy Fold. According to the leaders of Samsung, Galaxy Fold is a smartphone “entirely new type”. Spoke about the unique new product (at a cost of two thousand dollars) in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch display in the unfolded state. In the folded state of the display is 4.7 inch. Folded Galaxy Fold perfectly in the hand. However, when the user will need to view the content, then it is enough to decompose the smartphone into a full fledged tablet.

Swivel Fold system Galaxy is able to withstand hundreds of thousands of folding and unfolding. The hinge completely hidden inside the device and is not visible to the user.

Specially designed for Galaxy Fold Samsung has developed the shell of the operating system. Its main feature is the ability to instantly transition from the folded state to the unfolded device without the need to restart the application. In addition, the display can open three apps simultaneously for multitasking.

Each side the device is equipped with one battery, which are combined into one system. Thanks to this unique device is really a long time offline.

Based Galaxy Fold system rests on an eight-core processor, supported by 8GB of RAM. The amount of internal memory reaches 512 GB.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold from six cameras. Three active in the folded state of the smartphone, the other three spread out. This allows users to shoot high-quality images in any condition of the device.

Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available in four colors: black, silver, green, and blue. The price of Samsung Galaxy Fold — from $1980 (from 129 thousand rubles excluding taxes). Release date Samsung Galaxy Fold — April 6, 2019.


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