Political-legal Commission of the CPC Central Committee is a very influential body. She oversees the lawmaking, administrative and enforcement bodies, the police, security services and other intelligence agencies, courts, prisons and the internal troops. Therefore, the texts on its website “Zhongguo cananian” should be treated with the utmost seriousness. And here we are talking about the front page.

The names of the forces of “anti-China chaos” very specific. In fact, the leader of the “new gang of four” named by media Mogul Jimmy Lai. He owns a TV channel and several Newspapers. Also lists political activist Martin Lee, the former back in the days of the British chief Secretary of the local administration, civil servant Anson Chan, and Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in support of Patriotic democratic movements in China albert Ho. “Zhongguo cananian” writes about the speaker media group Jimmy Lai, Mark Simon: it’s called the American scout, who almost directs the actions of Jimmy Lai.

Apparently, the extreme anger of party functionaries to a recent article Jimmy Lai (of which “Zhongguo cananian the” hard calls, using only the Chinese version of his name — Whether Chzhiin) belonging to Apple Daily, in which he stated that the struggle for democracy in Hong Kong will lead to democratization in China. But of even greater concern in Beijing is that Jimmy Lai recently visited Washington, where he was received by Vice-President Mike Pence and Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, said the expert of the Center for the study of security problems of the RAS Konstantin Blokhin.

Konstantin Blokhin expert of the Center for security studies of RAS, “These dissidents began to talk with us diplomats, and it is obvious that Beijing saw this kind of US attempt to destabilize the whole of China. Trump can use events in Hong Kong as leverage in a trade war. If China is the bait will bite and attempt in Hong Kong to use force, then it is clear that all sanctions, all the pressure will be on China in the eyes of the international community’s legitimate.”

“Zhongguo cananian”, citing “informed sources”, says Jimmy Lai is going in September to go to the USA to start the promotion in Congress of a “bill of rights and democracy in Hong Kong”, exposing the “green channel” for direct intervention in the Affairs of the enclave. “Hong Kong is a Hong Kong, China, and he will never tolerate the intervention of any external forces! The resolve of 1.4 billion Chinese to maintain the prosperity and stability of Hong Kong unchanged!” — writes the edition. All this is seen as a direct warning of Beijing’s readiness to use force, said head of the corresponding point TASS in China Andrey Kirillov.

Andrey Kirillov head of the corresponding point TASS in China”, Hong Kong opposition received direct political support from the leadership of the United States. From the point of view of Beijing is a direct threat to the territorial sovereignty of China over Hong Kong. And if there is a threat to the sovereignty, China can use any means to defend this sovereignty. Even if you have to quarrel very seriously with the United States and Britain, China will do it, when you feel that there is a real threat.”

Meanwhile, on August 18, despite the ban of the police and the torrential rain in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park gathered 1.7 million people, i.e. a quarter of the population of Hong Kong according to South China Morning Post. According to Reuters, in a government statement that appeared later in the evening, admitted that the protests were peaceful, but they have caused inconvenience to the community. The authorities have promised to begin “a genuine dialogue with the public to correct social differences and restore social harmony when things calm down”.

The protests in Hong Kong. Photo Gallery BFM.ru:

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