China has found a new “gang of four”: on the 18th of August on the Political-legal Commission of the Communist party of China, “Zhongguo cananian” published an article, which lists the names of those whom Beijing regards as being responsible for inciting the protests in Hong Kong who are in cahoots with Britain and the United States to “sell Hong Kong”, incites children to violence and bloodshed.

Heads the “four villains” media Mogul Jimmy Lai. In addition, are the names of the political activist Martin Lee, former chief Secretary of the local administration (when Hong Kong was still a British colony) Anson Chan, and Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in support of Patriotic democratic movements in China albert Ho.

Jimmy Lai 71. He is the publisher of several Newspapers and magazines, including Apple Daily and Next. As an opposition leader Jimmy Lai was known in the fall of 2014, during the events known as the “umbrella revolution”. Then, as now, a peaceful demonstration calling for more democracy annoyed the Chinese authorities.

Jimmy Lai tried to intimidate. His house burned, he was repeatedly attacked, prevented its printing and print Newspapers. In June of 2015, Jimmy Lai said in an interview with the AFP news Agency: “as long as I’m alive, Next Media will not change. Money is not enough to be happy. I don’t want my children and grandchildren said their father and grandfather was rich, but was a bad man”.

The article “Zhongguo cananian” should not be viewed as a direct warning of Beijing’s readiness to use force, head of the Bureau of TASS in China Andrey Kirillov.

Andrey Kirillov, head of the TASS Bureau in China “Formally, Hong Kong is under the dual jurisdiction. On the one hand, under the jurisdiction of the PRC, on the other hand, it is guided by its fundamental law. Demonstrators in recent days competing under the banner of liberation of Hong Kong democracy now. Chinese authorities are trying to dot the i, to clearly identify who is to blame in this situation. Today, a huge rally was seen by the opposition media Mogul Jimmy Lai, and believe his financial sponsor and inspirer of the current performances. How do you think the Beijing authorities, that he is and does. The Central Chinese government is not the first time declares that the ears grow from Washington and London. Jimmy Lai in early July, visited Washington and was received by Vice-President Michael Pence and Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. The Hong Kong opposition has received direct political support from the leadership of the United States. From the point of view of Beijing is a direct threat to the territorial sovereignty of China over Hong Kong. And if there is a threat to the sovereignty, China can use any means to defend this sovereignty. Even if you have to quarrel very seriously with the United States and Britain, China will do it, when you feel that there is a real threat.”

Despite the fact that the Hong Kong police has not given permission, August 17, in the center of the city gathered about half a million peaceful protesters. Continued performances and Sunday, August 18. The police did not intervene

The protests in Hong Kong. Photo Gallery

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