In a trade war China will fight to the bitter end. This was stated in Beijing. And lowered the exchange rate of the yuan to the dollar. Cheap currency will help the Chinese campaigns to compete with the growth rate. New exchange increase in duties between China and the United States have fallen, stock markets.

The record showed the decline of Boeing and Apple, and Uber has lost just 10% of the cost. The Russian economy — said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov is stable enough to not be afraid of a foreign war.

So low “Renminbi” is the official name of the Chinese yuan did not fall from the beginning of the year. The result of a trade war. But for the people’s Bank of China, it seems, a conscious step. Shorting is not a devaluation, but just on the hand of the Chinese exporters.

The cheaper the yuan and more expensive than the dollar, the more profit the major world factory. The manipulation of the exchange rate of national currency China tried to blame before, but now it is a way to compensate for the loss of 200 billion.

“We hope the U.S. side will not be mistaken in assessing the situation and will not underestimate the determination and will of China to protect their interests,” said Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign Ministry.

Trade war — a term which at first tried so hard to avoid — in on state television raises the Patriotic spirit: “Our door to negotiations is open, but if the US attack us, we will fight to the end.”

Methods of struggle the Chinese chose the mirror. But in the list of over 5 thousand American products have included mainly those that can replace non-us: meat, seafood, alcohol, tea. Chemistry — its China and delivers himself to the world. At the same time left the possibility to maneuver — if it turns out that analogues of products there — for her fee and I can cancel.

In any case, trump slapped by his own producers. And exporters — that farmers find the lost dollars — to China was half of American soybeans.

“We knew that our soybeans will become a target and that we will suffer more,” says Dan Keenan, a farmer.

Importers and American brands of clothing and shoes were made more in China.

“We look at everything with this feeling, like we bought tickets for the second trip on the Titanic. The difference is that now we know exactly where the iceberg,” said Rick Helfenbein, Chairman of the American Association for the production of clothing and shoes.

These icebergs head of the White house to circumvent does not want, and in myopia blames American business.

“Create your own products in the USA and no fees. We are the “piggy Bank”, which all want to Rob and take advantage of. Enough!” — trump wrote in his Twitter.

Argument trump: China is buying too little, but too much sells itself. Isn’t that interested the American consumer — the answer sounds from China.

“The world Bank had previously calculated that if all Chinese products were banned in the U.S. market, American consumers would have to buy from other suppliers and pay more” said Jin Kanan, Deputy Dean of the faculty of international studies at Renmin University.

To give each other will neither in Beijing nor in Washington. Trump said that he is counting on Frank conversation with the President of China in Japan. And immediately promised to step up the pressure another 325 billion.

The tone in China is not exactly call negotiability.

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