iPhone the 2018 model year can get 4 GB of RAM vs 3 GB of the model of the actual generation. This follows from the results of benchmark test Geekbench database which is a device that is supposedly the next flagship of Apple.

New iPhone

The device, spotted in the Geekbench database, there appears under the name of 11.2 and iPhone is running iOS version 12, which is indirectly confirmed his identity to the lineup of iPhone 2018 release. In addition, in the heart of the smartphone is unknown chipset D321AP.

IPhone performance

Interestingly, despite the more advanced hardware stuffing, 11,2 iPhone is gaining in the test Geekbench almost the same number of points as iPhone X. the Difference in smartphone processing power of the two generations is so slight that it can be safely attributed to statistical error.

iOS 12

Obviously, the reason for such insignificant difference in performance are incomplete optimization of hardware and software. This may be due to the manufacturers unwillingness to waste effort and time in customization of the smartphone operating system, which is in beta stage.


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