Useful app with great discounts.

The company MacMedia, which is developing one of the most advanced and effective application for learning English and German grammar, has announced the reduction of prices under the sales “Black Friday. The best apps company MacMedia has fallen in price on sale, becoming much more accessible.

MacMedia has made a huge discount of 90% on their best applications. In the first place, fell apps for learning English and German grammar. The app “English grammar” includes a quick reference to basic English grammar and a series of tests to reinforce knowledge. The application allows you to both hone existing skills and begin to delve into the specifics of the English members of the sentences from scratch. Prior to the sale, the app sold for the impressive price of 1 690 rubles. Now it can be purchased for iPhone and iPad for only 149 rubles.

The same app is created and on the German language. The app “German grammar” available is extensive, but easy-to-use reference for the basic grammar of the German language. Note that analogues of the application do not. “German grammar” are also usually sold at a price of 1 690 rubles, but now on sale you can buy it for 149 rubles.

The company also MacMedia arranged the sale of another of its signature apps PassDirector. It allows you to protect the advanced encryption the most important information, such as account passwords, information about Bank accounts, etc. the app has a version for macOS, which is also involved in the sale. Both applications will be temporarily available for purchase at a price of 149 rubles. The usual application rate is 1 490 rubles.


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