If on new year’s eve you ran into troubles, angry and tired, and the rest of the holidays are considering to buy a mobile phone, you will have options to buy and on a minimal budget, and “want it all, but without an overpayment”.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A is the cheapest smartphone of high quality

This music will be eternal — I have every month I would whine, saying, “something expensive” in the first paragraph of the selection. Because the budget Xiaomi 2018-2019 model year became hostage to the prestige of the brand and the price periodically gets out on the territory of more cool models, and then the sellers understand that the “not rolling”, and after a couple of weeks again ustakanivayutsya prices at a reasonable level.

Therefore, the recommendations of each month will be different. In a period when over 7,400 rubles offer Quad-core Xiaomi Redmi 6A without a fingerprint scanner despite the fact that at the same price you can buy the OCTA-core Meizu M6T with a fingerprint scanner, it is better to choose Meizu. But in January 2019 Mejzu often trying to sell for 8-9 thousand rubles, and Xiaomi, by contrast, fell to 6.2 thousand for 16 GB and 7 thousand for the 32 GB (and this is a sensation) in Tmall-Aliexpress, and the mass of competitors he no longer has.

There are non-mass: for example, the remains of Motorola E4 Plus (3 GB RAM, 5000 mAh in the battery) that Citylink is trying to sell for 6 thousand rubles during the holidays. If you want cheap and the most resilient smartphone, this is a great option to buy!

And there’s a cool Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus — child of the deceased “Deluxe units” Fly. Just imagine — 6 thousand roubles (or 7 thousand retail stores) you get a metal body, fingerprint scanner, fast charging, USB-C, NFC (Google Pay), 3/32 GB memory, OCTA core CPU, stock Android, and the best possible for this price the camera!

Why is it so cheap? Because the battery is small, the manufacturer is dead, no spare parts if something breaks (or will break), the smartphone can not be repaired, and it will be easier to just throw. And before the death of Wileyfox finally spoiled his reputation with the release of smartphones with defective touchscreen (the screen shows everything is beautiful, but not everywhere responds to the press).

Almost everything else is cheaper than 8 thousand rubles — a ruthless, disappearing into the starry infinity disgrace, to recommend its purchase do not want. Want the most cheap and well — grab Redmi 6A for 6.2 or 7 thousand (depending on how much memory the smartphone you have) to TMall, will not remain disappointed.

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) — good inexpensive Samsung

If the flagship Samsung since 2010 was the coolest Android smartphones, budget Galaxy the Koreans released by the principle “and so will descend”. The Chinese are bad characteristics at an inflated price don’t forgive and punish Samsung ~~ruble~~ yuan. In Russia the picture is different, so our poor but proud compatriots prefer to go on a 30-year BMW and Mercedes and go with a “killed” b/IPhone or the Samsung Galaxy J3, but not “Chinese”. The free will! If you really need a smartphone by the prestigious manufacturer, to “somehow” worked, was tough and durable — take Samsung Galaxy J7 Neo for 9 thousand rubles in the official store. The quality of the screen/camera or speed, he has “not dragging”, but this is the last brutal Samsung, which you can chop nuts, and will last 1.5-2 days without charging.

Another thing is that there are exceptions — good and inexpensive Samsung. For example, the remnants of the Galaxy J7 (2017) for new year stock. If you don’t follow smartphones, you already confuse “2017” in the name of the smartphone, because the yard in January 2019. But the catch is that since Samsung has not released anything better in the category “up to 18 thousand rubles” — the Galaxy J7 (2018), for example, did the same, but he worsened the clarity of the screen. Samsung J8 is also cut on the quality of the screen, and finally, to life honey did not seem, castrated him the opportunity to pay for purchases at the cash register (NFC). Because with NFC you buy Galaxy A6 (2018).

In General, J7 (2017) has been so successful that Samsung decided (not been able to sell more expensive models with almost the same filling) and all the followers J7 prudent worsened. And the remnants of the successful model is now difficult to buy, but you can order in stores from the list, now it is cheap.

Two-year J7 looks good, sounds good in the headphones, pleased with quality display, good photographs and very long runs — almost perfect smartphone. “Almost” — because games are still not good, and speed is only average (“Chinese” work much faster for the same money). And 16 GB of memory is in reality about 10 GB for all needs, because Android is now grown fat even in factory condition. A memory card to which you can add audio and video, will not help with WhatsApp, which would put the whole nonsense of your incoming messages to these poor 10 GB.

And yet J7 2017 — the best way to get a modern Samsung without serious cash infusions.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 — perfect budget-cheaper than ever

To tell the fans about smartphones Redmi Note 5 uncomfortable is how to explain to the Russian people as it looks and goes “the Gazelle”. All have studied it up and down, on their own, or not his will.

For all other report that Redmi Note 5 — the best budget smartphone in 2018, and the cheapest model, where you have the opportunity to “everything and more”. The CPU and screen, as most smartphones 30-35 thousand rubles, 4000 mAh battery, which, if there are in mobile phones, it is not paired with a good processor and camera. And the main camera, by the way, the level of Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018) or Sony Xperia XA2, and can “give a light” to most smartphones cost 20-22 thousand rubles with the pathetic “label”.

Actually, originally Xiaomi was planning to do charity work with this smartphone, and asked him from 18 to 20 thousand rubles. Moreover, “senior employees” 2018 it was so bad that over 18 thousand originally cheap Xiaomi was the best choice.

But in the second half of the year Huawei came out of hibernation and released a little more than a cool Honor 8X, and from June to rake in profits “Somoncom” began to interfere more and ASUS, so the guys tempered enthusiasm and now sell Redmi Laptop at the lowest price.

And now we have to take! Because, as with the Samsung above, released after 6 Redmi Note Pro has not improved, but has become more expensive, and 12-13 thousand in the official retail nothing more steep set of characteristics you will not buy until the spring. And that’s Redmi Note 5 I suggest to anyone who needs a mobile phone class “everything is so good, it is better to have and not really necessary.”

Sony Xperia XA1 Plus — when the “pop” I’m tired and I want something for the soul

“How to support domestic producers, so in this case he did not buy?” — this is a phrase that almost completely reveals the attitude of the Sony smartphones. Even though the Japanese brand is never domestic, but dearly beloved and iconic producer in Russia. Because we remember the glorious times when the best audio, the best “vydac” and TVs, the best camera and gaming console that Sony produced, while Samsung was considered ridiculous copycat (as of now ASUS smartphones), and Microsoft Xbox and Lenovo laptops still in the draft was not.

And smartphones from Sony, too, was objectively the best… a long time ago. And now we see a picture when new Experie absolutely not a bad call, but each new model is necessarily something is not “thank God”. Mainly, price.

For example, when in September 2017 Sony Xperia XA1 Plus it came at a price of 26 thousand rubles, the whole community of fans of smartphones giggled and said “yeah you guys must be kidding?” and left to buy at this price Honor 9, of Samsung Galaxy S7 and other Apple iPhone 6.

Since then much water has flowed, and now, in January of 2019, the budget smartphones Sony has finally “matured” to competitive prices. Yes, same story as Xperia X in March 2018, when the cheap Sony suddenly turned out to be better than any “Chinese” for the same money. Only now the story is repeated in the new season and with new players.

Chinese today seriously added to the severity of the toppings, so that is so beautiful to come and “fight” of Xiaomi and Huawei Sony now will not work even with all the discounts. But differ from them for the better in many ways — it happens.

For example, the Xperia XA1 Plus a great body with metal frame and a nice matte plastic palm cool “as expected”, it does not looks filthy tin, unlike the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro or ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1. And break the plastic smartphone will be problematic.

Display quality is excellent — the range of brightness and the viewing angles are such (591 CD/m2 contrast ratio 1500:1), which can compete only smartphones from 30 thousand rubles and more or iPhone more or less modern versions. But in normal level of brightness cool screen consumes less power than a cheap IPS displays in the state, so under a moderate load the 5.5-inch Xperia 3430 mAh, works about the same as this is your Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus with 4000 mAh.

Full slots for two SIM and memory card, good sound in the headphones (Sony know how to make it good even MediaTek), NFC (Google Pay) and the functions that the new budget smartphones do not even dreamed of: — Support high quality audio over Bluetooth (aptX) — Fast charging (however, mediteranska, PumpExpress, not popular Qualcomm Quick Charge).

And all this stuff with 4/32 GB of memory requested from 13,500 rubles! Against this background, personally, I’m willing to forgive the budget Sony and “make lousy” (neither good nor bad — level Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus or Samsung Galaxy A8 2018) camera from Xperia Z5, and a processor that is able to be fast only in applications, but in games is “blown” to the level of sleaze, such as the Redmi 5, which, incidentally, now sell for 8500 rubles on TMall. Anyway, anyway, it turns out that the old horse furrow does not spoil, and old Sony at the “farewell” price may surprise in comparison with a new “Saomai”.

PS by the Way, XA1 Plus — not only so beneficial to the “older” Sony on sale. If you have time, you still have a chance to buy in the official store XA1 Ultra for 15 thousand rubles. If you forgot what this camera remind of the classic 6-inch “shovel” (16:9 screen, a new elongated sausage 18:9) with the same processor and rear camera, like the XA1 Plus, but unusually steep (for state employees) selfie camera with sharp sensor, 20 megapixels, autofocus (!) and optical stabilization (!). The only problem is that 2700 mAh on all this stuff. To charge you twice a day, if not more.

ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 — it’s got everything that you wanted to see in a budget smartphone

The problem with budget smartphones is that on the background of depreciating the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 seek already not particularly need it — almost all smartphones cheaper than 20 thousand will be about the same level of filling. Yes, there is a very good Honor 8X, which is more than 6 thousand rubles, but almost nothing but the materials of the case and NFC is no different. And almost everything else — disguised variation of the same Honor, Samsung J7 above, or “ugly”, but hardy ZenFone Max Pro M1 utter trash, which is not even worth remembering. Full alternative appeared only on 5 December.

Yes, it is ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M2 — smartphone with indecent number of letters in the name. But it is important not letters and numbers — numbers performance. Here we have a middle class processor Snapdragon 660 (slightly better than your iPhone 6S and slightly worse than Honor 10), 5000 mAh in the battery when the thickness of the case, as competitors with 4000 mAh battery, NFC, separate slots for SIM cards and memory cards, decent appearance, for which no shame (unlike the previous Xiaomi and ASUS Pro M1), a record not bright, but good for brightness-definition screen, a good camera. All a little better than the Xiaomi and done by the mind.

Yes, 18 thousand rubles — it is never affordable and powerful processor slightly devalues a huge battery, so if possible, save and take Redmi Note 5 at the lowest price. But if you want all at once, and to accelerate to 25 thousand (it was something radically more cool) don’t want to, here’s a versatile fighter who is fast, works for a long time and that shows on the screen fine photographs. And now it is expensive — much more expensive than 20 thousand.

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