As they say, a lot of things, nothing to wear. Buying smartphones the same situation models a huge number, good and adequate for the price among these units. But we gathered the best from the rare decliners old “thoroughbred” flagship to the latest and coolest on the characteristics of the Chinese budget models. Save!

It would start with what was not long ago articles in this category, and I’m glad to be back. But most of you get here via a link from Yandex or Google, and you, quite reasonably, wanted to spit on a stranger lyrics obzorschika. So better get down to business.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A to eight cores and good quality around the most cheap

A friend is known in trouble, and the manufacturer of smartphones in the budget class. There are no miracles that Huawei of China with its cheap labor force slapped the cool stuffing into the smartphone for 60-70 thousand rubles, and Samsung in their court plants for the production of processors, screens and cameras wrapped all the best in any Galaxy Note 10+ for a half thousand dollars. It is important that the creators of the smartphones can offer at prices that are not feasible for the majors, and ordinary workers. Russia, of course, never the center of the world, but in reality, it’s the price to 10 thousand roubles.

And here suddenly it turns out that almost all the famous brands of mobile phones turn into a “pumpkin”, because what is offered in low-cost smartphones such flawed stuff that it is impossible to say without a Mat. For example, Huawei offers you to pay 8 thousand rubles for model Y5 (2019) — slow Quad-core smartphone with a dim screen and terrible camera. It is so bad that it never issued for review — why would Huawei, which spins his toughness and elitism, shame ridicule in articles about unsuccessful cheap cell phones? If you keep quiet, then they will buy better.

Nokia 2.2 — also about the same, only even more cropped (memory) unit. Works, by the way, is more or less tolerable, because Android is “clean” and does not overloaded. But everything is done so cheap that you always felt like a loser-meanie and suffered from it. Approximately so arranged cheap Chinese faucets which it seems to be when we first met shining, pleasing to the eye and appear as expensive, and then it turns out that they are not made of metal but crappy plastic, lose colour jewel, and then diragatsa in unexpected places, and poured the boiling water from the holes.

Surprisingly, Samsung, which before the smartphone put the markup for the label of the phone, and then another on top of the wagon caviar for every Manager, in 2019, stopped chasing a brazen trash — even the cheapest of the new Galaxy A10 is more or less usable. But, again, expensive — ten thousand roubles don’t. And the Chinese offer the same thing for 20-25% cheaper. Just need to know what the Chinese.

Honestly, in order to give councils “buy Saami!”, you don’t even need to be obsidian — any student on YouTube who thinks he’s a run and shoots himself with a Shoe, I’ll tell you the same. The only difference is that not all Xiaomi equally useful, and in what “seam” there are alternatives in each case.

For example, the Redmi 7A — why is he in this article? Because it is dark, is highlighted for those who “do not have cheap and go” smartphone in which each spare part high quality and modern. Average sharpness, but brightness (420 CD/m2, if you want numbers) screen with the correct color. American eight-core Snapdragon — a much more economical and cooler than the voracious “oven” Unisoc 1S in Alcatel or ZTE Blade A7 Vita, and 25-30% faster than Chinese MediaTek Helio A22 2.2 Nokia or Huawei Y5 (2019). A huge battery of 4000 mAh with which cheap Xiaomi works no less than twice more expensive A50 or Samsung Galaxy flagship Xiaomi Mi 9. And even the camera, though not suitable for shooting at night, neither shame nor the pictures in the video. In smartphones cheaper than 10 thousand rubles is a rarity.

Of course, this smartphone is not that “revealed to us by the gods” — he has flaws. Housing, for example made of crappy plastic in the compacts or containers for food. The fingerprint scanner is not at all a selfie-camera not happy. And most importantly — hitrozadyh Xiaomi has given a powerful enough processor, but cut the amount of RAM. This is how to give a good runner a lousy tight or rubbing of the foot shoes — short dashes he will be able to move quickly, but from time to time will be limp.

In translation for Android this means that to start applications and switch between Redmi 7A is “no spark”, but as soon as the app starts and so “downcast” the first couple seconds, everything will work quickly. Well, what do you want for 7-8.5 thousand?

If you really want a more exciting performance, not just to “will not be lost in a serious, long discharged”, there are two more steep option for the same price. First, the Yandex. Phone (review). A huge number of Internet clowns poured mud this phone, but actually it’s not bad and the quality is approximately equal to A20 Samsung Galaxy, Sony Xperia L3 or Xiaomi Mi A3 Lite. And is cheaper by about 30%. Why? Because Yandex has wrought in trying to sell it to the buyers, decided soon new cell phones not release, and their first Yandex. The phone was removed from the conveyor. To break something — spare parts no. No screens, no batteries. Covers and safety glasses, will be considered, also. But the screen, speed and sound is much better than Xiaomi mentioned in the text, not to mention other smartphones for 8 thousand roubles.

Other options? Realme C2 (review). Realme is a special unit of the Samsung group (which includes Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus — smartphones little-known in Russia, but the most popular in the world after Samsung, Huawei, Apple and Saami) to fight with Xiaomi. The fight was a good — Realme C2, for example, is 8500 thousand rubles, while the brightness of the screen, autonomy, quality of housing and speed from is better than Xiaomi Redmi 7A.

I didn’t put it in the main list of recommendations because the exotic model (see the problems with spare parts, covers, Windows), this exotic units almost never sell, and Saami lived, lives and will live, as Vladimir Ilyich. On it and stop.

Realme is a 3 — powerful and durable smartphone. Cheap because almost nobody knows about it

And here I will not deny myself the pleasure to supply exotic smartphone key recommendations — very profitable option.

In the range from 8 to 12 thousand rubles always located smartphones the category of “neither fish nor fowl”. For example, Y93 Vivo Lite is the same Xiaomi Redmi 7A, only with +1 GB of RAM and for 10 thousand rubles. What is happiness?

Or Samsung Galaxy A10 — beautiful, with a powerful processor and a bigger battery. But with 2 GB of RAM, Samsung will “hiccup” and fail more often than Saami (because their hands samsonovsky programmers idlers do not grow out of right places, unlike the more diligent Chinese), and the matrix display is not AMOLED, but TFT PLS so richly-expensive screen look will not.

Or Honor 10 Lite — not bad, overall the smartphone, but what the hell for 3/32 GB smartphone, which was released back in February, asking for 12 thousand rubles minimum? Especially considering that updates to Android on Huawei in the near future called into question due to U.S. sanctions.

With this limitation in the budget to do radically more abrupt (in comparison with Xiaomi Redmi 7A) smartphones us money still missing, the official Redmi Note 7 is often 13-14 thousand rubles, Samsung Galaxy A50 more expensive Xiaomi Mi A2 already anywhere do not sell, and the problems with the autonomy had not gone away… was very cool Samsung Galaxy M20 over 12.5 thousand (5000 mAh, Full HD, powerful processor), but the free lunch is over — now it is already officially does not sell, it seems that not even going.

Remain stupid cell phones-accessories (7 Xiaomi Redmi, ASUS ZenFone Max M2), all obsolete at the cameras, skorostnoy-autonomy disgrace (Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, 9 Lite Honor) and cool, but boxed versions to buy. Speaking of them — grab Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) for 11 thousand rubles, while there is still a possibility. At this price it’s much cooler than any of the official “Chinese”, and a water resistance of less 20 thousand roubles you in any smartphone get.

If amid all this discouragement, you have a desire to arrange a celebration of the new smartphone and go beyond the budget of 12 thousand rubles do not want to, take 3 Realme. This is such a smartphone that is 25% faster than Xiaomi Redmi 7 for 11 thousand roubles and approximately equal to the speed of the applications more expensive Xiaomi Redmi Note or the ZTE Blade 7 V10. Speed in games, he, however, lags behind, and many don’t like Chinese origin the processor (classmates laugh), although from a technical point of view MediaTek Helio P60 for 9-11 thousand is the best that you can find in smartphones.

Moreover, in the Realme of 3 and battery is OK (4200 mAh), and with the appearance of no broad “bangs”, like many smartphones at this price. The camera is certainly not a masterpiece — about the same as that installed in the Xiaomi Redmi 7, sometimes better, sometimes worse. But the increase in speed with no loss of autonomy is worth it to choose not Xiaomi, and Realme.

The smartphone, as I already said, classy. Most importantly, do not drop it hell to find a spare screen and a repair shop wants to tackle the repair of this is not known to anyone in Russia, “cityfone”. If you are not satisfied and want “thoroughbred” mobile phone to 12 thousand, read on.

Nokia 5.1 Plus pure Android, powerful processor, low price

Another smartphone in the category “8-12 thousand rubles,” one of the few sensible in the office.retail at this price. Unlike Realme 3 above, are much older — came, terrible to say, more than a year ago, in July 2018 in China under the name of Nokia X5. In September he was dragged to Russia and asked for the new 16 thousand rubles. The Russians with amazement, said “Yes, are you kidding, perhaps? 16 thousand for MediaTek and an HD display?” and went to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro.

For this reason, the price of Nokia Plus 5.1, not bad, but overrated smartphone began to deflate. And for all the same reason for the low demand smartphone of a year ago is still easy to find on sale. And now it is sold even cheaper than little known in Russia, “Chinese” Realme — the cheapest Nokia Plus 5.1 can be found in exactly 8 thousand rubles.

An excellent option to buy, by the way! As in the Realme, Nokia runs on MediaTek Helio P60 — with this budget, and the HD+ is very steep for speed. As with all Nokia, Android “pure”, without any Chinese initiative, and the fastest speed of the day in comparison with any other manufacturers of smartphones with “the best marble popping games out”. For this, want-not-want to love Nokia even though it is now “is not the same”. Still it’s nice that the charging port in the Nokia 5.1 Plus trendy-modern — Type-C.

Cons too tangible — neck baggy in the screen as in the iPhone X (if not more), and battery capacity — a total of 3060 mAh. Therefore, if Realme 3 will stretch from the battery day, or survive the day, if often “pull”, then Nokia, respectively, make it either before dinner or before lunch, depending on how you it to settle.

The camera is ordinary — by the standards of smartphones for 16 thousand at the time were considered “not very,” by the standards of the models for the 8-12 thousand quite on the level. And the prestige of the place — fans of the smartphones that follow the news, will be surprised, but in Russia are still plenty of people who don’t know that from the good old days Nokia had to go on the hands, to die and be reborn in the form of the appendage of the Chinese company Foxconn. As they say in the Bible, “for in much wisdom is much grief; and he that increaseth knowledge, increaseth sorrow”. Let’s not spoil your memories and to pretend that it’s still the Nokia, and be glad that she at least occasionally be a worthy purchase cell phones.

Redmi Note 7 — still the best budget of “cool”

The farther into the forest, the worse the choice. Coming from 15 thousand rubles per cell area (or go to the site), and there is nothing to buy! Even on my Samsung Galaxy A40 (which is slightly not up to a really cool model, A50) you have money is not enough, because the official “sorokovka” is 16 thousand rubles. Huawei? Well, there is Honor 10i for 17 thousand with bad cameras, and so stupid. On a good Huawei Smart P Z you also do not have enough money, because you have 17 thousand.

Cheaper Honor 8X for 15 thousand more interesting, but only in itself and not in comparison with competitors. Because it was made to compete with Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro 6, and even then he was worse than iPhone in some things. And now sold by the seventh Redmi Note, and in comparison with his Honor 8X there is no advantage, in addition to NFC (Google Pay).

Once popular and common Busy ZenFone Max Pro and Pro M1 M2 evaporated from sales completely, and replace them ASUS not prepared — I guess guys just do not care about stable output and sales of mobile phones. Mow itself, you know, profits on the graphics cards and laptops not bothered. If you still want a cellphone with 5000 mAh battery in the housing, can “trick” and buy a Motorola G7 Power over 14 thousand will be shocked by how much he was enduring. Only the processor and camera quality is smartphone level Yandex. Phone for 8 thousand rubles, which I mentioned in the beginning of the article. Vivo Y17 — too “vegetable” with 5000 mAh for 15-16 thousand rubles, about the same plan. All the “dead, even when alive,” as the song of Tatu, smartphones, Meizu also will not be considered — it was good and relevant, but for now we should just bury and forget it.

For “spiritually rich” buyers with custom values is also a LG G7-Fit (review) is very cheap for 14 thousand rubles in the Citylink. At speed it’s a very sad model (although the CPU seems to think it is not so bad, but it is in theory), autonomy is also very sad, but you get super-clear, very good screen, awesome loud speaker, good camera (at this price), the water resistance and NFC, that is, payment card using a smartphone. Option is not for everyone, but it is certainly not like any budget phone at the same price.

But for ordinary buyers, they are not looking at your ass adventure, there are only two sensible options — ZTE Blade V10 of 13 thousand (in WOW or the Messenger) with its slightly bland looks and a small battery, but good display, quality camera and NFC. And Redmi Note 7, which, like any budget Xiaomi, none of your NFC/Google Pay he has never seen, but very fast, is very hardy and takes pictures of the best smartphones of similar price. The choice is obvious.

And Yes, already out of the model Redmi Note 8 (same thing, only a wide-angle camera for taking pictures of large objects at close range and slightly less power-hungry CPU) and Redmi Note 8 Pro (the thing with the camera at 64 MP and unclear while the quality of shooting, the Chinese “race” processor for gaming and 4500 mAh in the battery). But the native firmware with Russian language and Google Play for them in the near future will be only through the ass Amateur Russified and beefed up rework of the Chinese firmware. So keep calm and wait for the end of September-beginning of October, when the smartphones officially brought to Russia.

Samsung Galaxy A50 — best budget Samsung, one of the best budget smartphones in General

Even given the fact that Samsung seems to have come to his senses and ceased to sell to us outright stuff for 10-15 thousand rubles, for any model of A-series are “Chinese”, whose characteristics are better, or lower the price — sometimes both.

This rule had just one exception and I already mentioned in the text — Samsung Galaxy M20. Here he was the “scrap”, against which there is no acceptance of NFC, the normal processor, 5000 mAh battery and good camera for 12.5 thousand rubles no longer offered.

But Samsung quickly realized that with the pace of the previous “fat” with mobile phones will disappear, and managers will have Samsung as the latest losers, instead of the virgin Islands to go on vacation to Spain and buy a Bentley instead of a Mercedes. In short, this was no way to prevent this, so the Galaxy M20 quietly removed from sale.

Other Samsung A-class compared to Xiaomi, as a rule, look inappropriately expensive devices without the advantages. And, moreover, not reference the characteristics (speed, camera) smartphones themselves.

But Samsung have some kind of a charm! In appearance, the screens, the design of the system. An improvement, of course, but the workers like it, and if you like, you want to buy Samsung, not samsungcamera. And in this case, remember the Golden rule of budget Samsung: “Samsung good budget is 20 thousand rubles and equal to Chinese smartphone for 15 thousand rubles, the fee letters Samsung on the body.” So it was — old the most appropriate Samsung was Galaxy J7 (2017) cost 20 thousand rubles. Later it was replaced by Galaxy A6 (2018), which came out 22 thousand, but almost immediately dropped in price to 20 thousand. And now his place ideologically took Samsung Galaxy A50, and you might guess how many thousand roubles want.

Why not some other Samsung? Because Galaxy A70 is inadequate 30 thousand rubles, though he is stupid in everything except autonomy. And all the rest of the Samsung A-series or slower and CPU hungry (A40, A30, for example), or other than the processor and even the battery is small (A40). And the camera slightly, but worse. Unless it is life?

Why not some other smartphone? Because the price gap between the official Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (14 thousand) and Samsung Galaxy A50 (20 thousand rubles), almost all smartphones are either flawed, or normal, but just not worth the money. There is one exception in the form of Honor 10 for 19 thousand rubles — that it is worth buying even at this immodest price. But unless there is public sector?

But Samsung Galaxy A50 as “broken pop” model is very common in the wild is much cheaper than the recommended prices, and in official retail. Beautiful prestigious smartphone with a quality display (if you’re not sensitive to flicker in LCD screens), decent camera, powerful processor, larger battery and NFC is now asking for 15-16 thousand. This is the best option to buy among budget models, if you are still in the choice of the smartphone are guided by a strange principle, “not Chinese!”.

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