Best cases for the Apple to create Rosiered the abundance of accessories for iPhone, iPad and MacBook stand out quality.

What does it mean? This is when the materials are excellent and pleasant to the touch, and the design attracts: wants to buy, unpack, use and enjoy.

In Russia for such accessories of the company is responsible Handwers: they are cases of genuine leathers and felt felt the family, our. And if you hide in such a case aluminium or glass iPhone MacBook — all of it.

So keep a selection of the coolest pieces from Handwers:

1. Slim wallet-bifold Leaf

The wallet in the unfolded state.

Bifold is the most popular model of wallet: 2 fold halves like a book and placed inside paper money and credit cards. This format is valued and women and men.

Slim and lightweight. What else do you need?

Handwers made very thin and light wallet made from a special paper. Despite the definition of “paper” material made from natural cellulose and latex is very difficult to break, but to the touch it resembles a waxed cloth.

Which do you prefer?

The thickness of the accessory is only 3 mm, but the inside can hold up to six plastic cards and bills. Plus practicality: this wallet can be washed. Useful option, given the amount of bacteria on paper money.

There are 3 colors of wallet to choose from: grey, beige and black

Buy for 990 rubles.

2. Cases for iPhone and iPad series Moraine: felt and leather

The simplicity of form.

This is precisely the “original” series of accessories, which combines felt, leather, modern look and practicality.

Pocket for iPhone is practical.

This is generally the standard cover-pocket, but with a compartment for cards or a couple of bills. Soft and thick felt will keep your device in case of a fall.

Two layers of felt and leather pocket.

This case is for the iPhone or iPad is particularly relevant in our winter conditions: the gadget will be warm and then the battery is discharged at the most inopportune moment from the freezing temperatures.

The choice of a suitable model for all iPhone, starting with the 6th, and iPad since the 5th.

Buy case for iPhone Moraine: 1 790 RUB.

Buy cover for iPad Moraine: 2 690 RUB.

3. Leather wallet-clutch Lassen

Will take it all.

This format of wallet is incredibly popular all over the world. Yes, really: why stuffed in the pockets of money, documents and coins, if all you can store in one place?

Look inside.

Inside Lassen fit even a smartphone. Thus all his carries our editor-in-chief; he said that it is comfortable.

The clutch closes with a zipper. Inside — three large Department and 6 pockets for plastic. The separation is quite large, so along with the money, fines and smartphone a passport to keep.

Beautiful from all sides.

Lassen is available in 2 colors: brown and black.

Buy wallet-clutch Lassen: 8 990 RUB.

4. The Nile case for MacBook, iPad and iPhone

Simply beautiful.

Minimalist pocket case (drain) for “Apple” technique made from genuine leather which is chrome tanned and thin felt as padding.

Nile will protect the casing from scratches and save the gadget in case of a fall.

Genuine leather protects the gadget in the fall.

There is something fascinating about these simple accessories: it resonates with the philosophy of Apple. So the leather case from Handwers perfect complement to your MacBook, iPad or iPhone.

The surface of the skin Handwers the most natural and was subjected to minor processing in the manufacture, and therefore aging it will be beautiful.

Buy cover for MacBook Nile: 3 990 RUB

5. Leather clutch Lokka

Unisex. I want the money, want a bikini.

It would seem that can be easier. However, this format is convenient clutches not so much. At small sizes of the product inside will fit everything you need to safely leave the house: phone, ID, money or keys.

Black — brutal.

You can use it as your cosmetic bags or pencil case. Inside the clutch is trimmed with cotton fabric and has two pockets.

You can carry in your hands, and you can throw in your backpack as a Hiking bag.

Grey is the neutral color. And beautiful.

If you often go on business trips, Lokka can store shaving accessories, small things and tablets. In General, no matter exactly lie will not.

Buy leather clutch Lokka: 3 990 RUB

Soon will break the holidays, so visit the official website Handwers where there are many more cool accessories from genuine leather case for gadgets and daily life — from cardholder to the backpack.


From 20 to 25 November Handwers carries out the action of Black Friday, when you can buy products Handwers discounts up to 30%. To activate the discount, use the shopping cart code word BF18.

Start thinking about gifts now before the rush began.

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