Here come the new 2019-th year, leaving behind 2018-burdened with the weight of announcements and releases in the field of technology. They aroused the interest of users, were often predictable and sometimes left fans in complete disappointment. But the majority of developers managed to surprise the audience. decided to choose and tell you about the five best gadgets of last year.

Samsung Galaxy S9+

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and screams as he is different from other flagship devices. While some manufacturers quickly equipped with smartphones cutouts, Samsung continues to adhere to classical style and to pamper music lovers saved audio 3.5 mm headphone Jack.

Key features Galaxy S9+ Infinity display and the main camera (in the “plus” model double). The latter received a double diaphragm adapts to the shooting conditions: in bright light, the smartphone shoots with f/2.4, and in the twilight switches on the f/1,5. Thus, the apparatus produces high-quality images in low light.

Among the disadvantages Galaxy S9+ need to allocate an unsuccessful implementation of augmented reality technology in AR Emojis and similar c S8+ design, which is characterized by the location of the fingerprint scanner — Samsung moved it under the camera.

iPhone XR
iPhone XR along with Galaxy S9+ can be called one of the best smartphones of the year. Apple introduced the controversial device, which simultaneously manages to stay ahead of your competitors, and get behind them. iPhone XR is a “budget” device filled with XS, but in a cheap wrapper.

In early December, 2018 the company DxOMark involved in testing cameras and lenses, put “Apple” device 101 score and called it the best smartphone with a single camera (by the way, in a few weeks, the specialists put on a pedestal and Google Pixel 3 with the same result).

Due to the processor A12 Bionic device works so quickly that occasionally you start to forget that you are holding not a full-fledged flagship, and the most affordable device from the line X. the Only thing that can alert people wishing to buy iPhone XR — price. Here the analogy of the smartphone shares the “Apple” in the nines. However, in the US the device feels confident. So much so that within a month since its release on the iPhone XR passed 82% of owners of previous iPhone models and 16%, the now former Android users.

Xbox Adaptive Controller

Many people like to explore the virtual universe, where you can become a monster hunter, a professional athlete or a tomb raider. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. In 2018, Microsoft released a special Xbox controller Adaptive Controller designed for people with disabilities.

It has two big programmable buttons and 19 nests, to which you can connect joysticks, buttons, and other switches. This gives players the opportunity to pick up running so that it was tailored to his body and its capabilities. However, he may at any time change the configuration.

Xbox Adaptive Controller is useful for gaming gadget, which TIME magazine named one of the 50 best inventions of 2018. It is not a universal solution, but it is an important step towards the people to whom immersion in game worlds is not easy.

Xiaomi Mi Band 3
Fitness trackers continue to gain popularity among users. According to analysts, wearable devices by 2025 will take a significant market share. The leader in selling fitness trackers with confidence can be called Xiaomi, which last year Xiaomi Mi Band 3.

Compared with the predecessor, the new device has a more vivid screen, more capacious battery (a single charge can last for 18-20 days), and managed by taps and swipes. In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 received a level of protection from water 5ATM, which means that swimmers will be able zanyrnut tracker to a depth of 50 meters.

“Localization” Xiaomi Mi Band 3 via the smartphone and Mi Fit app, which will update the device’s firmware. Notifications also got better, but some users may be confused by the process of displaying received messages.

Oculus Go
Oculus Go is an inexpensive virtual reality helmet. The younger brother of the Oculus Rift will allow newcomers to experience the indescribable sensations without any additional purchases, not counting games and apps. Today headset is the best choice for simple and economical experience with VR.

The device supports three degrees of freedom (i.e. the monitor only tilts and head turns). Control is via a wireless controller that detects movement of the hand, but can not navigate in space. Oculus Go comes without its own headphones, but the headset has headphone Jack 3.5 mm.

Virtual reality has not had time to show itself in all its glory, and Go Oculus helps to promote the technology to the masses at the expense of autonomy and low price compared to the premium VR-helmet.

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