The British broadcasting Corporation bi-Bi-si in next year will launch its virtual assistant Beeb. According to the company, there are no plans to create a separate gadget specifically for assistant. Instead, the company expects, Beeb will be able to work on all smart speakers, smart TVs and mobile devices. Assistant “embedded” in the iPlayer app from Bi-bi-si.

To activate the assistant will be the word Beeb, but it’s still “working version”, said the representative Bi-bi-si. The Corporation wants to ensure that the assistant understood the different accents. For this the company offered to its employees in different parts of the country to record their votes, in order to “train” the program.

Your assistant will allow bi-Bi-si to experiment with new programs, properties and developments without anyone’s permission to do this as I want to, said the Corporation. “We want to make sure that everyone can benefit from this technology and give people new content, software and services — credible and easy to use”, — said the representative of the company

CCS Insight analyst Ben wood in conversation with bi-Bi-si has expressed fears that the development of the broadcaster will be difficult to compete with the existing assistants from major companies, such as Amazon, Google and Apple. The producers have a “stunning amount” to eliminate problems with understanding different dialects, but they still can’t handle it, the expert added. Developed in the US voice assistants do sometimes do not understand the strong regional accents, agrees The Guardian.

Wood has also questioned the choice of the word Beeb to call the assistant. According to him, this team is too short and threatens false positives. Bi-bi-si it said that the word worked well during tests, but before running the assistant it can change.

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