Smartphone sales are falling, particularly slow-selling flagship — expensive models, which are with the pump on the presentations. One of the reasons, experts say, is that today is good not only the new and fancy gadgets. They say, and in those that are simpler, have everything you need. It is important that all normal user — not technogeek — when selecting the phone? Strong battery, camera, screen (bigger and brighter), judging by last year’s study of “Yandex”. Flagships at a price in the region of 100 thousand rubles will delight in this. But how much worse smartphones by half or much cheaper? Is it worth to pay for a new 50-60 thousand? What yield model for 30 thousand ? Or 15-20 thousand ? And what with smartphones up to 10 thousand rubles? Editor TASS Anastasia Stepanova tested nine gadgets of different brands to find out what changes for the user together with the price.

Xiaomi Redmi Go
Price: 5.5 thousand rubles on the official website

This is the cheapest Xiaomi smartphone in Russia. He gets me in a sealed box, that is the way you sell it in the store. Inside, the phone has a USB wire and plug, no earphones and case. Cover of black matte plastic. Color IPS screen five inches, a few left models in such modest size. “Sticky” in videos on YouTube or play back from the screen a little more. Battery 3000 mA * h, given the size and capability of the phone, it will last for two days at least.

Camera 8 MP (better to 12-16 MP). But there are a variety of shooting modes and a couple dozen filters that smooth the complexion, reduce the cheeks, increase eye… Chinese smartphones are generally very much on the “outsidery”.

From the gadget rightly expect weak performance. But will it play in anything? I’m downloading the new Angry Birds — the game does not slow down, and then he pulls “kazualki”. But action Heroes Hyper long, and in the process retarding.

That is not enough. The screen is bigger, camera is better, modern design.

Pros. Low price. Pulls simple games. You can give an elderly person, if he goes with the push button “up” and not want to learn “complicated smartphone.” Externally Redmi Go is not afraid of innovation.

Lenovo A5
Price: from 6520 roubles on “Yandex. Market”

Lenovo smartphones returned to Russia a couple of months ago. For six years there was no supply. Now the brand “mastered” in superbyudzhetnym and the mid-price segment.

Lenovo A5 frame is made of black matte plastic, like the Redmi Go. In size he more: IPS-screen diagonal of 5.45 inches.

The Camera (13 megapixels) and the photo editor about a hundred filters. This model is actually the record holder for the “outsiderism” in this collection. Talking about filters like “Beauty”, food, landscape, black and white… And the camera has a fun feature — the gauge of beauty. In shooting mode, “Beauty”, the algorithm shows your gender and age. From different angles they change: if you move around, you can visit 36-year-old man and 21-year-old girl. Tested on colleagues who immediately wanted to test this thing. Should get into settings and disable the “uluchshiteli” with them too much, even if you don’t use filters, algorithm for categorical edits your face.

Pros. Low price and interesting feature in the camera.

That is not enough. Screen more (boom on the way was when smartphones went beyond 5.5 inches diagonally), and of all that is at least “average” unit for contactless payment, better performance.

Mi 8 Lite from Xiaomi

Price: 15.8 thousand rubles for the “Yandex. Market”

Mi 8 Lite is a Lite version of the flagship Mi 8 Pro. It IPS screen with a diagonal of 6.26 inches (this is the perfect size, when the video to watch is convenient, but from his pocket he does not fall, although many people like the bigger screens). Basic dual camera (12 and 5 MP). The battery is 3350 mA⋅h. How will it last? I migrated to this smartphone completely, and therefore not listened to music on it a few hours a day. Watched a couple of videos, played Homescapes, attended with a camera and a photo editor (here is also full of the ultimate “uluchshayzerov” who live under the name “camera with artificial intelligence”). Sometimes the scroll strips Facebook and Instagram. In this situation the evening of the second day the charge still remained.

Pros. Stylish and beautiful, but very fragile case material — glossy glass.

That is not enough. Slot for memory card to increase the space is not allowed (it is memory — 4 GB, built-in — 64 GB). Lacks NFC for contactless payment.

Hisense H30
Price: 13 900 rubles for the “Yandex. Market”

This gadget came on the market at a price of about 20 thousand rubles. But cheaper, because consumers did not want to pay so much for an unknown brand. Hisense is known as a Chinese manufacturer of televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, and smartphones in Russia do not know.

Externally, it is almost a copy of the Honor 10i — popular “middle peasants” from “Huawei” which is about the same. Android smartphones similar block with double main camera (16 and 5 MP) and front (20 MP). The camera is again in the spirit “will receive dozens of filters and “uluchshayzerov.” Actually, he looks stylish: it has a gradient glass case. Personally, I like it visually, but there are objective disadvantages: glass is fragile, on the back cover there are traces from fingers, the phone slip in your hands. In General, you need a case and a protective coating.

Pros. OCTA core CPU (can be run not only the game HomeScapes, but “shooters”), battery is 4400 mA * h (that’s a lot). There are “smart” button on the sidebar, which can lock under a call to any function (for example, to turn on the camera, or open the messenger).

That is not enough. No NFC to pay for purchases by Bank transfer, the camera could be stronger.

Samsung Galaxy A50
Price: 19.9 thousand rubles for 64 GB of memory and 24.9 thousand — 128 GB
The “average”, which became the most sold phone manufacturer in the second quarter of 2019. He’s got the AMOLED screen, 6.4 inch (Yes, even IPS does not distort the color white, but many people love AMOLED for brightness). Three cameras (25+8+5 MP) with “smart” neurogami. One of three PV modules — superzerocool with a viewing angle of 123 degrees. Specify that “TVersity” is usually found in expensive models — the flagship of Samsung, have camera phones “Huawei”, in the line Pro iPhone 11. Not to say that all models with “sverhusiliya” definitely well off. But this functionality — the bells and whistles, which pleases in a mainstream model.

Pros. OCTA core processor, ultra wide angle camera, the AMOLED display, it has (finally) a module for contactless payment.

That is not enough. Has everything that is essential for an ordinary user, according to the study of “Yandex”. But let’s see what we get if we put another thousand 5-15-30?

Hisense U30
Price: 21.9 thousand rubles for the “Yandex. Market”

This smartphone came on the market at a price of 30 thousand rubles, and then reduced appetites because of the uncertainty of the brand. Actually find the machine, which fell due to marketing difficulties, — it’s a hack. Just imagine that taxi in your city is cheaper than the bus, because they were never used to enjoy? However, in this model, may deter design. Or Vice versa, you’ll be delighted: finally got “one” among glossy rectangles. In General, he looks stressed premium: metal frame and fingerprint scanner in gold color, the back cover of the material under the skin…

If producers compete in a number of cameras, megapixels and screen size, Hisense… U30 are not far behind — he’s got a whole lot. IPS screen of 6.3 inches. Powerful battery 4500 mA / h Main dual camera (48 and 5 MP) and front — 20 MP. But let’s be clear here and for the future: we cannot say that the cameras 45-48 MP on the matter is necessarily superior to the standard 12-16 MP. It is necessary to look the possibilities in the complex. Almost always in these figures are more marketing than good. In the below collection you will see the camera model with a fancy camera, there are no lenses for 48 MP.

Pros. There are contactless payments, in General and the camera is adequate; if you like the design, you can not buy the case. And yet, thanks to the leather panels, it does not slip from the hands.

That is not enough. A more modern design, but that’s personal taste. And if this money you want to get more “superfici” like bendable, edge-to-edge screen or something else awesome, then this is not.

Mi 8 Pro
Price: 23,9 thousand roubles on the official website

This is how Xiaomi smartphone flagship. Although we usually think of as the flagship model expensive. And above in the collection you saw his light version — Mi 8 Lite. Compare the differences between models.

Pro have AMOLED screen, the Lite — IPS. The same size — 6.21 inches. Main camera better Pro: both 12 MP, and Lite was the lenses 12 and 5 MP. And, as you can see on photo, shoots Pro better. Front camera Lite is 24 MP, the flagship Pro — 20 MP (in General, the difference is insignificant). But Pro camera “intelligent”: there’s optical stabilization (so that frames are not “smeared”).

Pro is a module of contactless payment that was not Lite. And the more noticeable are the design — I on a test gets a version with a transparent case back. There are all sorts of chips, this feature is remembered. But it’s not really filling gadget and the dummy.

Pros. Interesting design, contactless payments, in General, is all that matters to the average user.

That is not enough. Here also appeared some of the “superfish”, which was not a couple of thousand ago. Well, “step” to smartphones is significantly more expensive.

Huawei P30 Pro
Price: from 59.9 thousand roubles on the official website

This smartphone is positioned as a cameraphone. It is included in the ratings of smartphones for mobile photography. On the Internet you can find reviews of this model from street photographers.

He had a Leica camera with four lenses: 40 MP (wide angle lens), 20 MP (ultrasonically lens) + 8 MP (telephoto), and 32 MP is the front camera. Has optical stabilization, sensor TOF (with it the camera measures the distance to objects in the frame to have high-quality images). If you have an important camera know there is a camera, like this model, and study the ratings of mobilographia. But judging by comparative reviews, videos it takes are not as good as the photo.

Another smartphone just looks good. He’s got a big (6.47 inch) edge-to-edge AMOLED screen. He prefers the stylish “average”. Especially good came out a gradient of Aurora, which I tested, bright, deep, just nice to hold in hands.

Pros. There are contactless payments, unlock the face, a good charge (comes with the unit with which it is possible to charge per hour). But the main argument camera.

That is not enough. A certain future gadgets “Huawei”. These smartphones will likely remain without updates the Android OS because of the conflict of producers with the US authorities. Today, the “Huawei” has developed its own operating system, but admits that he would like to keep Android.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Price: 68 990 rubles at the official website

Classic fancy flagship is the annual trends of Samsung Galaxy Note and the iPhone from Apple. This represent them on the big presentations, they are waiting for a unique lotion. No one doubts that model will cost about a hundred thousand. And every time go out these new products, consumers think, “How expensive! And not to take me too the flagship, but of lower rank?” Here the model of the Galaxy — also the premium line, but it is for the consumers who do not need a “superfici”, and it is important to have a modern smartphone. The standard model of Galaxy cheaper model of the line Note of almost 10 thousand rubles. So, what can the most expensive smartphone in our collection? How it changes the user experience?

You will love the triple camera Galaxy S10 — it contains a progressive thing. Lenses telephoto, wide angle and high zoom with overview 123 degrees. “Live focus” effect to blur the background — there is not only when taking photos but when shooting video. Smart neuronti not just doing the clear, and can advise on the composition (to the dismay of professional photographers). It is clear that here advanced night mode, different types of lighting under the portraits. Yes, cameras in the flagships really good, and continue to pump.

Pros. Good battery, fast charging, lots of bells and whistles for shooting and editing video. Lately expensive models encouraging those who need a smartphone for creation of content. And specifically for this purpose, the premium phones or advanced camera phones better than the average. Although the groups of mobilographia in social networks and meet cool photo taken on the old model, it is rather the exception to the rule.

That is not enough. Everything is there, according to the study, from which we repelled, and more advanced features like flexible screens is to “catch” in the most expensive flagships or in the experimental lines.

So, what deprived people in budget models? In them, however, there are certain technologies that are important to users. And if to be in the “middle” gadgets, familiar to the leaders? Well to buy this for 20-30 thousand rubles and not to pay 70-100 thousand ? Yes, there are models with good camera, strong battery and all the features that you are in a situation where something can’t get. But in the expensive models the more “features” and quality. Although, for example, a powerful camera is important for a blogger or an active user of social networks, and not for a person who makes a selfie once a month. That is necessary to understand for yourself what stage you say, “Whoa, these features enough for me, don’t need anything else”.

Anastasia Stepanova

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