Serious price drop on a great pair of headphones!

In September, Apple has raised the price of AirPods wireless headphones for Russia due to the fall of the ruble. Headphones that have become a hit among Russians in 2018, began to be sold already for 13 990 rubles. Fortunately, running a major sale Tmall , the cost of AirPods fell by almost 30%.

Big sale on Tmall will be held until October 14. All this time AirPods wireless headphones can be purchased at the price of 10 352 rublethat almost 4 000 less than the original price of the device.

I wonder what the Russians “feel” AirPods only in 2018. Headphones started buying so active that in many stores there is a shortage. And this is assuming that the price of AirPods compared to 2017 has not changed.

In recent weeks, the demand for AirPods decreased, nevertheless, due to the unexpected price increase by Apple. It is not excluded that reduced price headphone on sale Tmall, a very popular store in Russia, will encourage many fans of Apple technology again to pay attention to the device.

Note that the sale Tmall set discounts on hundreds of devices. Full list of products that are on sale presented on the main promotions page.


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