Scientific publication MIT Technology selects 10 revolutionary technologies. This year make a list of suggested bill gates. He, like anyone else, knows that technological progress is changing people’s lives.

Let’s start:

Nuclear energy

Questions reduce the cost and safety of nuclear energy firms such as Terrestrial Energy and TerraPower. Bill gates as a major investor, takes part in addressing management issues.


Robotics is not standing still: it is easy to cope with the Assembly of the car on the conveyor. But to make their own decisions robots are not learned.

Scientists from San Francisco has created a “smart hand”, which finds compliance depending on the task.

Prediction of preterm birth

Scientists from Stanford presented startup that determines the risk of preterm birth by analysis of blood of the mother.

Endoscopy with pill

Another innovation in medicine: capsule-probes with thin rope find problems in the digestive system.

Vaccination against cancer

Vaccination was not performed, but the employees of the company BioNTech conducting research in this direction. Scientists are trying to create a vaccine that prostimulirujte the immune system to fight cancer.

Artificial meat

The founder of Microsoft is investing in the production of artificial meat. This product will not be different from the original: characteristic odor and taste.

Bill gates believes that technology will save a lot of resources in the future.

The absorption of carbon dioxide

Project Carbon Engineering is sponsoring not only gates, but also the U.S. Department of energy. The essence is to “trap” carbon dioxide and further processing.

For example, the company Climeworks already recycles carbon dioxide into methane.

Cardiogram with your phone

A similar function offered by Apple: the smart watch is fitted with a sensor for determining ECG. But AliveCor presented the device for your phone that determines the type of heart attack.

Toilets with no plumbing

These “closets” are in demand in the lagging countries, where sewage merge in water. The hot climate provokes the spread of infections.

The company Controls the Biomass suggested the toilets with the function of recycling wastes into fertilizer.

Intelligent voice assistants

Many companies are actively upgrading voice assistants to the person talked to the robot as a full-fledged interlocutor.

For example, Google Duplex can book tickets or a table at the restaurant.

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