Microsoft co-founder bill gates has called the greatest mistake I made on a post of the head of the company, that when Windows Mobile was what became Android. He told about it in the event the venture capital Fund Village Global.

According to gates, if his company was able to increase its mobile operating system to mind, then now Microsoft would not be one of the market leaders, and its complete and sole leader. He also said that the market of mobile software is designed so that only one company can compete with Apple and to be in fact one of the two monopolists in this sphere

There is a reason why many technology markets tend to monopoly or duopoly. For example, Android and iOS, Google search, Facebook, Uber and Lyft — the “network effect” makes it almost impossible to create a competitor because you can not fill the network. And you can’t find a way out of this situation: Microsoft great paid app developers because they wrote an app for Windows Phone when they refused to do it because of lack of users. But even this did not help.”

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