The American company Apple has been successful largely due to the “spell” of her late founder Steve jobs. About it on air of TV channel CNN said one of the founders of Microsoft, bill gates, reports Bloomberg.

According to him, jobs using this could make any “dying” company most expensive in the world. When gates was named Junior magician. “I was like a little magician, because he read the spell, and I saw that people fascinated. But since I’m a magician, I spells do not work,” he said.

Also gates, the company which for many years competed with Apple, said what is not seen in the lives of people as talented and motivated as Steve jobs. As an example, he cited the late 1980s, when the company NeXT, which was then headed by Steve jobs during the year could not sell a single computer. Despite this businessman still went on and in 1997 Apple bought NeXT.

Steve jobs founded Apple with his friend Steve Wozniak in 1976. A computer company called Apple II was produced in millions of copies and became the first mass personal computer in the world. In 1985 jobs was forced to leave Apple due to disagreements with investors. After that, he founded NeXT, and also engaged in the development of animated films with computer graphics at Pixar. Returning to the position of CEO in 1997, Steve quickly revived Apple and began to prepare new products. Introduced in 2007, the iPhone changed the industry and made Apple the most expensive public company in the world. Steve jobs died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer.

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