Bill gates spoke at the event Village venture Fund Global. The billionaire is one of his most famous clients, along with the head of Amazon Jeff Bezosa and head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg.

Gates noted that the market for software, especially mobile platforms, “winner takes all”: the company, first make a quality product, becoming the leading. The billionaire considers that in the world there can only be one operating system that can compete with Apple. “If you have only half of the apps or 90% of the applications you on your way to a complete failure”, says gates. “My biggest mistake is poor management that has not allowed Microsoft to become what is the Android standard platform for smartphones other than Apple”. According to gates, Microsoft for the conquest of this niche was the “natural thing”. “What is it? $400 billion that would have gone from G [Google] to M [Microsoft]”, — concluded the billionaire.

“I programmed day and night”. Business rules of bill gates

Microsoft since 2000, has developed its mobile operating system, which at first was called Windows Mobile. In 2010, she was replaced by the Windows Phone platform, the release of the 10th version and it returned the prefix Mobile. With this operating system produced mainly Nokia that from 2014 to 2016 belonged to Microsoft. Windows Phone took the third place in popularity among mobile platforms, but significantly inferior to iOS and Android, not distinguished by great variety of applications, unlike the competitors. Those programs that were available, getting new features and updates much later than the two main platforms, or not received at all. In the end, 24 January 2018, Microsoft has decided to stop developing their OS, 10 Dec 2019, the finish and the main support platform.

According to gates, small differences in the software market are crucial. “So every night you think: what if I fail? And in the end we failed in something very important.”

Gates continued his speech and said: despite errors and litigation with the authorities, the Microsoft products are still valued in the market. “So we are one of the leading companies. If done correctly and it has created its own Android] would have been the absolute leader. Well, okay”, said the billionaire.

The billionaire nerd. The success story of bill gates

Gates added that tough competition in the software market requires many sacrifices from those who are working on it in the first place — refusal weekends and holidays. Gates earlier told me that in his youth he did not attach much importance to the weekends. The question has changed his views over the years, the businessman replied: no. “It’s true that I didn’t believe at the weekend, didn’t believe in vacation. I knew the license plate of the car of each employee and could tell when they came and went from the Parking lot,” said gates. He noted that later, at thirty he fell in love with the weekend, and his girlfriend “like a vacation”.

According to the billionaire, now he is resting a lot, and 20-year-old him, the current gates would be “nasty.” But, gates continued, in the first years of operation, it is important to build a team that is maniacally obsessed with the company. “There will be people who will have health problems or relatives that distract them. But Yes, I am firmly convinced that we need a lot of sacrifices, especially in the early years, if you’re trying to do some engineering things to ensure the feasibility [of the project]”, — concluded the businessman.

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