One of the founders of Microsoft, a member of the Forbes list, bill gates took part in a weekly show on CNN Fareed Zacharias. The billionaire spoke about the founder of Apple Steve Jobs, who died in 2011 from pancreatic cancer. Recording a program to be broadcast July 7, reviewed by Bloomberg.

“Steve jobs”: the history of obsession

According to gates, jobs was unique in his ability to save the company and turn it into the most valuable in the world. In this he was partly helped by “spells,” says the billionaire. “I was like a little magician, because he read the spell, and I’ve seen people hypnotized, but since I’m a wizard, spells don’t work on me,” gates said.

Steve jobs: put the revolution on stream

One of the richest people in the world admitted that they never met people as talented and motivated as jobs. Gates remembered the problems that arose from its former competitor in the late 1980’s, when NeXT in the course of the year failed to sell a single computer. Despite this and other failures of the jobs still went on and in 1997 Apple bought NeXT.

Gates added that his opponent was a tough character. While jobs, gates said, has brought “some incredibly positive things together with my vitality”.

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