The founder of Microsoft bill gates biggest mistake in his career believes that has enabled Google to acquire and develop the Android operating system competing in the market only with iOS from Apple installed on its products. Such a development would enable his company to “become a winner”, quoted gates the Fox Business.

“Markets in the world of software, especially operating systems work on the principle of “winner takes all”, the businessman said, speaking at a meeting with investors. “So the biggest mistake I think that for some reason had not ensured that Microsoft became what is Android”, — he said. Android is a mobile operating system, which is equipped with most smartphones not produced by Apple.

“Microsoft would have won, naturally,” said gates, who with a fortune of about $106 billion is the second richest people in the world, second only to the head of the largest online retailer Amazon Jeff Bezos ($119 billion). “The market there is only room for one operating system than Apple’s, and know what it takes? $400 billion, which just shifted from G (Google — approx. TASS) M (Microsoft — approx. TASS)” — leads the TV channel of his word.

The Android operating system was originally developed by the same company, which in 2005 for $50 million] was acquired by Google. In 2007, we announced the creation of OS, presentation of the first version of which was held in September 2008. According to consulting company IDC, the device with this system in the first quarter of 2017 took 85% of the world smartphone market.

Google is an American public Corporation specializing in Internet search and advertising technologies, and also engaged in the development of online services and high-tech products. The company founded by Larry page and Sergey Brin was first registered as a private company in September 1998 and is now a part of the Alphabet. Its headquarters is located in mountain view (California).

Founded in 1975 by entrepreneurs bill gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft is one of the largest corporations producing software for different devices, from personal computers to mobile phones. The headquarters of Microsoft located in the U.S. city of Redmond (Washington state).

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