Bitfury Group has started to cooperate with payment service HadePay to help business in the EU, USA and Canada to accept payment in medinah via the Lightning network.

Bitfury has integrated its web-interface Lightning Peach Merchant API to the platform HadePay that allows businesses to accept payments through a network of Lightning, increasing efficiency and reducing costs in transactions with bitcoins. After receiving payment in bitcoin, a business can immediately convert it to another currency.

Platform HadePay uses a hybrid model, processing payments in Fiat or virtual currency, and allows customers worldwide to accept payments via PayPal, Apple Pay, Square and other services. According to the company, bitcoin has always been great and affordable alternative to traditional money, but the integration of the new solution will make business even more convenient and will contribute to global use in the retail trade.

Despite the fact that the technology of Lightning network is the solution of the second level and is actually on the beta testing, it gets more and more support from the crypto community, and gradually begin to adopt popular payment services. In parallel the company is to promote the Protocol, which is a relay of micropayments with increasing amount (Lightning Torch).

text: Ivan Malichenko, photo: Getty Images

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