According to “Kommersant”, the heads of BlaBlaCar don’t like that the drivers of the vans use the service to earn money. So they introduce new rules prohibiting the transport of a large number of people.

All due to the fact that French service for finding fellow travelers had problems. He already complained about the controlling transport institutions: with BlaBlaCar drivers to bypass the law requiring a license to carry on and evade paying taxes.

According to developers, the company is now working on the creation of algorithm for the detection of illegal drivers. The leadership of the Ministry of transport was delighted that the new rule will help to restore relations between the authorities and BlaBlaCar.

But the company may be special reasons for the imposition of additional conditions. According to representatives of service, it will soon begin to work with the drivers license. In fact, it says about the imminent emergence of a new service for call taxi.

For a certain amount of money from the carriers permission will be removed restrictions on the number of trips per day and the cost per seat. A transport company will be able to access the client database BlaBlaCar for 1000 rubles per month.


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