Best powerbank at ridiculous prices.

Sale Black Friday will start very soon, but the discount online stores already announced. We have reviewed the proposals total sales AliExpress, which is dedicated to the “Black Friday” and brought together the best external batteries at heavily reduced prices.

Xiaomi Power Bank 2I

Price: 1 168 rubles (discount 35%).

Let’s start with the classic — external battery pack Xiaomi, which has incredible popularity on AliExpress and record the number of positive reviews. Powerbank designed in modern minimalist style, supports charging at low current, intelligent system determine the device that it charges and strong, but slim body. If you can not determine the choice of external battery, it is better not to guess and to take this model — it is tested.

Baseus 10000 mAh

Price: 758 rubles (discount 55%).

Proven external battery from a reputable manufacturer Baseus. The model is equipped with a capacity of 10000 mAh, a solid body and a small display that shows the remaining battery power. At such a reduced price — a great choice for most users.

Baseus QC 10000 mAh

Price: 1 084 of the ruble (60%).

More original external battery from the same manufacturer Baseus. Features of this model are pleasant to the touch patterned case and support fast charging Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 standard. Perfect for anyone who wants to charge your smartphone as quickly as possible.

ROCK Slim 10000 mAh

Price: 657 rubles (discount 65%).

ROCK is another well-known and proven years manufacturer powerbank. It’s definitely the best model of an external battery, which has a fair capacity of 10,000 mAh, two ports for charging devices and a separate port for replenishment of own charge.

ROCK Mini 10000 mAh

Price: 987 rubles (discount 55%).

If you have always been embarrassed by the size of the external batteries, this model is sure to delight. This is a very compact battery with custom design. Despite its size powerbank has a capacity of 10000 mAh which is enough to charge an average smartphone 2-3 times.

Besiter QC 20000 mAh

Price: 1 462 ruble (discount 55%).

Interesting external battery pack that receives a lot of positive reviews from customers. The model has a stylish minimalistic design, support for fast charging QC 3.0 to both USB ports and a huge capacity of 20000 mAh.

Ugreen 10000 mAh

Price: 993 ruble (discount 45%).

This model for fans of external battery with a more pleasant for everyday use form. Rounded edges of powerbank will allow you to conveniently carry it even in their pockets. The battery has two USB ports that can charge two devices at the same time.

Rock Slim Black 10000 mAh

Price: 699 rubles (discount 45%).

Cool and moderately slim battery from the company ROCK. The model has an unusual design with seven levels of protection: overheating, overcharging, etc.

Emie 20000 mAh

Price: 1 063 ruble (50% discount).

If you are an iPhone user, the case color of this battery will be able to choose the color of the smartphone. However, not only flowers in the style of Apple happy powerbank. It allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, has a small display to show charge level, but the capacity is 20000 mAh!

Baseus Red 10000 mAh

Price: 897 roubles (50% discount).

For those looking for a bright external battery — Red Baseus probably the best choice. The battery has a red color, causing the gadget for many is a sort of accessory for every day. From a technical point of view powerbank everything is fine: a reliable system of protection, capacity 10000 mAh, two ports for charging, support quick charging and a small display.


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