Gathered best deals of Black Friday 2018!

Black Friday” — the biggest sale of 2018, which will be held from 23 to 26 November. As part of the sale stores make huge discounts on a variety of products, including Apple equipment and other leading manufacturers. In this article, we have collected all the largest and honest discount sales during Black Friday.

iPhone X 64 GB

Price: 59 992 ruble.

Anniversary smartphone Apple iPhone X began to rapidly fall in price after the new models. Fortunately, the sale of “Black Friday” smartphone has dropped in price, and very significantly. The official price of the RST-version of the iPhone X for the first time fell below 60 thousand rubles!

iPhone XS 64 GB

Price: 82 710 rubles.

However, the discounts got up to flagships. The latest 5.8-inch iPhone XS on sale is sold at a decently reduced price — from 5 thousand rubles cheaper than the official cost of the smartphone. Note that usually new iPhone models are not getting cheaper so quickly after the start of sales. But in the case with the iPhone XS, the demand for which in Russia is not the record, retailers decided to make an exception.

iPhone XS 256 GB

Price: 94 930 rubles.

XS version of the iPhone with 256 GB of internal memory has dropped in price even a little stronger — on 6 thousand roubles. The smartphone has overcome a psychological mark in 100 thousand rubles, which for some buyers will be a good reason for purchase.

iPhone SE

Price: 17 990 rubles.

Compact and budget 4-inch iPhone SE dropped in price before the sale. iPhone SE is very popular in Russia, especially as a gift.

iPhone 6S “Like new” 16GB

Price: 21 990 rubles.

Officially restored the iPhone in Russia great popularity, so Apple regularly delivers us a new batch of smartphones. According to the latest discounts to buy refurbished iPhone 6s opportunity at a price of 21 990 rubles for a model with 16 GB of internal memory.

iPhone 6S “Like new” 32GB

Price: 24 990 rubles.

Dropped in price and iPhone 6s 32 GB of internal memory. It is noteworthy that the difference in price with the model with less storage is negligible.

iPhone 6S “Like new” 64GB

Price: 25 990 rubles.

But even more surprising is that the 64-Gigabyte iPhone 6s is now estimated only a thousand rubles more expensive than the version with 32 GB. Great offer, considering that the recovered smart phones have full Apple warranty in Russia.


Price: 11 099 rubles.

AirPods wireless headphones are the most popular in the world for two years in a row. And in 2018, they were appreciated by the Russians AirPods became a hit, even despite the fact that their price increased. But the sale “Black Friday” to buy AirPods get a reduced price. Discount, alas, is not the largest, but to save 2-3 thousand roubles will manage.

Apple Watch Series 4 of 40 mm

Price: 31 990 rubles.

Unfortunately, the sale of “Black Friday” bypassed Apple Watch of all generations. The only discount is made on the smart watch Apple Watch Series 4 — it is small, but nevertheless, discount. Given that the Apple Watch Series 4 is a novelty, the price of which for a long time will not fall off, the gadget can be handled at a temporarily reduced price.

Apple Watch 44 mm Series 4

Price: 33 990 rubles.

Fell to the sale of and 44-millimeter Apple Watch Series 4. The model is best suited for men, since in size it is considerably more Apple Watch Series 4 of 40 mm.

9.7-inch iPad 32GB 2018

Price: 22 491 ruble.

9.7-inch iPad sample 2018, is rightly considered the best cheap tablet. The model is equipped with powerful A10 processor Fusion, the capacious battery, which allows the tablet to work up to 10 hours in active mode and support stylus for Apple Pencil — before it was only the expensive iPad Pro. Note that the iPad 2018 was cheaper on the previous big sale “11.11”. However, now its price is very attractive.

9.7-inch iPad 2018 128 GB

Price: 27 831 ruble.

The price of a 128-Gigabyte version of the tablet is also noticeably subsided. This model is recommended to take for those who do not want, in principle, to worry about what the tablet could run out of memory.

15-inch MacBook Pro 2018

Price: 165 741 rubles.

The current model 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 with an Intel Core i7 processor and Touch panel Bar it has become much cheaper during the sales “Black Friday”. The price of a laptop fell by more than 30 thousand rubles! Of course, MacBook Pro 2018 remains extremely expensive, but it is understood that this is a professional working tool, which has no analogues in the world.

Durable charging cable for iPhone

Price: from 215 rubles.

Proven charging cable for iPhone, which offers highest durability. If you don’t want to spend big money to replace the standard charging cable for my iPhone, this model will come to the rescue.

Case-battery for iPhone

Price: from 1 034 rubles.

Powerful and dropped in price one of the most popular accessories for iPhone slim case-battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. Case does iPhone frankly thick, looks stylish and modern, but most importantly, solves any problems with battery life. The battery case allows the iPhone to work in two (!) times longer without recharging.

Case-battery for iPhone 5s/SE

Price: 866 rubles.

The previous model of the case-the battery fits all models of iPhone, in addition to the compact iPhone 5s and iPhone SE. However, especially for a model case-battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh. It makes the iPhone slightly thicker, but gives you the opportunity not to think about recharging for 2-3 days!

Cases for iPhone

AliExpress is famous for its huge database of a variety of cases for iPhone. As part of the sale “Black Friday” was reduced by all of the most popular and original covers for the iPhone. The best deals we’ve gathered below.

Unusual Christmas cover

Price: 127 roubles.

Transparent case with gradient

Price: 94 rubles.

Case with gradient

Price: 239 roubles.

Covers with flowers

Price: 75 roubles.

Ultra-thin protective case

Price: 75 roubles.

Original Christmas covers

Price: from 91 of the ruble.

“Marble” covers

Price: from 209 rubles.

Unusual black covers

Price: 43 roubles.

The most unusual covers

Price: from 119 rubles.

Case with cutout for Apple logo

Price: from 81 ruble.

Of course, on sale Black Friday have fallen in price not only Apple devices and accessories for them. Smartphones and gadgets from other leading manufacturers also seriously depreciated.

Xiaomi Redmi 6A

Price: 5 992 ruble.

Best budget smartphone Xiaomi started to sell at an even lower price. For very little money, buyers get a modern smartphone with a full high-quality screen, a powerful processor and high-quality 13-megapixel camera. An ideal purchase for anyone who wants an inexpensive but fast working smartphone.

Other smartphones from different manufacturers with mad discounts gathered in this collection!Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Price: 19 919 rubles.

The best smartphone Xiaomi ratio “price-quality” in 2018. Pocophone F1 is equipped with the flagship (!) OCTA core Snapdragon processor 845, full screen with minimal framework, dual rear camera, 24 MP front camera and a battery capacity from 4000 mAh! Features like a full-fledged flagship, which is surprising given the price of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy A6

Price: 14 392 of the ruble.

Samsung Galaxy A6 of the sample of 2018 is one of the popular budget smartphones in Russia. The model has a full-length display in the style of the flagship smartphone Samsung powerful internals, a main and a front camera with a resolution of 16 megapixels and a variety of software “chips”, for example, stickers augmented reality.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Price: 47 992 ruble.

The flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 also dropped in price during the sale, which surprised no less than the fall in the price of the iPhone. Usually the best smartphones Apple and Samsung are not involved in such sales, or discount on them is minimal. And Galaxy S9 dipped in price very much.

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Price: 4 159 rubles.

The best budget smart watch today on sale in Russia will be sold cheaper than in China! Xiaomi Amazfit Bip allow you to track notifications from your smartphone, monitor the activity using the integrated GPS module to measure heart rate, monitor sleep quality and to perform many other tasks. At the same time Xiaomi Amazfit Bip work without recharging for more than 45 days!

More of the original gadgets on sale Black Friday gathered in this collection!Xiaomi Mi Band 3

Price: 1 419 rubles.

Fitness bracelet — a great alternative to the smart watch, especially for those who are important from the wearable gadget that is tracking physical activity. On sale price Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fell to the lowest this year level. Given that the Mi Band 3, no doubt, is the best cheap fitness bracelet, the price could not be ignored. It is important to note that the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 works perfectly with the iPhone, supporting all existing features.

External battery pack Xiaomi Power Bank 2I

Price: 1 166 rubles.

Another accessory from Xiaomi, which will be useful for iPhone owners. External battery pack Xiaomi Power Bank 2I has a stylish minimalist design, convenient for daily use form of the body and with a capacity of 10000 mAh, which is enough to charge any iPhone up to four full times.

More cool external battery for any taste are here!Portable speakers JBL GO 2

Price: 1 699 rubles.

Not to mention a big discount on a portable column JBL GO 2, which on sale will be sold at the price of the first generation model. Cool compact wireless speaker is surprisingly powerful for their size and sound protection from water and the operating time at full volume for up to 5 hours.


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