Found best prices sales on iPhone XS.

Russia will launch biggest sale of the year “Black Friday“, which became available to buyers numerous discounts. And not only on relatively old devices, but also on the novelties which have appeared in the market recently. For example, the iPhone XS “Black Friday” pleasantly cheaper — we have collected the best offers from the largest stores in this material.

the iPhone XS is the latest 5.8-inch smartphone Apple, which went on sale in September. Because of this, even on sale Black Friday on your smartphone is not expected any big discounts as new items Apple usually are not getting cheaper as quickly. However, some really best deals for the iPhone XS is still there!

Black Friday: iPhone XS best price

The only direct discounts on XS iPhone with 64 or 256 GB of internal memory installed marketplace Tmall, where brands sell their equipment to Russian market. Tmall began selling the RST-XS version of the iPhone at the following prices:

  • iPhone XS 64 GB — 82 710 rubles (discount 5 280 rubles).
  • iPhone XS 256 GB — 94 930 rubles ($6 060 rubles).

Given that this is the only direct discounts on the iPhone XS in the Russian market, the price of Tmall are automatically the lowest. For comparison, the official Apple retailers in Russia XS iPhone with 64 GB is sold for 87 890 rubles, and with 256 GB of memory — 100 990 rubles. That is no discount compared to the official price of a smartphone in the Apple online store.

Note that Tmall sells officially certified for Russia Apple equipment via courier for up to five days.

Black Friday: iPhone XS — where to buy cheaper without shipping

If you want to go and buy an iPhone XS, and in this case authorized the Russian have the best deals. Discounts on smartphones make only two retailers: MTS and MegaFon. In both cases, the stores offer a not a direct discount, and the return of 5-6 thousand rubles as cashback. It is important to emphasize that MTS and MegaFon allow you to spend the returned money on any purchase. In other words, cashback is not points, but real money.

Note: prices are quoted net of cashback.

Price iPhone XS in MTS

  • iPhone XS 64 GB — 82 890 rubles (discount 5000 RUB).
  • iPhone XS 256 GB — 94 890 rubles ($6 000).
  • iPhone XS 512 GB — 113 190 rubles ($6 000).

Price iPhone XS in the “MegaFon”

  • iPhone XS 64 GB 82 990 rubles (discount 5000 RUB)..
  • iPhone XS 256GB — 95 990 rubles (discount 5000 RUB)..
  • iPhone XS 512 GB — 113 990 rubles (discount 5000 RUB)..


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