The canadian company BlackBerry, which produces the namesake of the business smartphones, said that government spy programs are distributed through the official app stores for mobile platforms Android and iOS.

The report compares BlackBerry examples of such spy applications (both old and new) that emphasizes the main idea of the research team BlackBerry Cylance: the official app stores is unsafe.

“Users are under a false sense of security in the case of official app stores. Personally I don’t trust the applications point” — explains his position, Brian Robison, Director of the canadian smartphone maker.

According to Robison, “hundreds” of such programs bypass the protective measures Apple and Google. And BlackBerry wants to convince the users that they can’t trust anything posted in the App Store and Google Play Store.

“I would advise users to keep your intuition alert,” says the head of BlackBerry.

Apple and Google did not respond to the report of the canadian company. Cupertinos in turn, always emphasize their desire to make the App Store as safe as possible, to protect the store from malware and unwanted programs.

In document BlackBerry are considered vectors for cyber attacks on mobile platforms, and also provides an example of the operation of the government of cybercriminals from China, Iran, North Korea and Vietnam.

“The main message of our study is that current users are living with the unjustified sense of security in relation to downloaded from the official stores of the programs. We do not consider quite objective risks, and rely on stores guaranteed protection,” said Brian Robison, discussing the report with Forbes.

In addition, the researchers BlackBerry said that the government was developing a “native malware for Android and iOS”, and has been doing it for ten years or more.

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