By the middle of XXI century corporations such as Google and Apple learn to manage people — to such conclusion the British scientist-futurologist Ian Pearson, Western media reported.

In recent years, these companies are actively engaged in the development of artificial intelligence. Perhaps the next step of biotechnology. He suggested that in the near future people will begin to implant chips that analyze the condition of the body and even behavior.

Moreover, the technology will allow remotely influence the brain’s neurons. Humanity will lose the ability to make independent decisions and will perform the will of a small group of elite.

Ian Pearson also predicted the development of genetic engineering. Now scientists interfere with nature to overcome the disease and mutations. Soon may will be opened the secret of immortality — but to use them only for the elect.

The futurologist noted that the forecasts look incredible. But ten years ago nobody could assume that there will be touch phones, independent management of various systems, artificial intelligence. It will take time — and again the world will change beyond recognition.

We will remind, earlier futurist Michio Kaku said that in the future people will be able to upload not only messages and photos, but also their emotions and feelings.



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