“We have checked transactions on this wallet. Indeed, the cryptocurrency gaycoin released on the platform Waves, and the delivery was. But the initiator is a private person. Platform nor Waves, nor even Apple is irrelevant to this incident. We are saddened that this event had a negative impact on the user’s platform, and will do everything possible so that this does not happen again”.

Previously “Moscow speaking” I received a letter with a copy of the claim of the inhabitant of Moscow to Apple about compensation of moral harm. The author of the statement Razumov D. E. claims that a few years ago installed it on your smartphone app for transactions with cryptocurrencies from the App Store. This summer, the unknown got into his wallet 69 GayCoins accompanied the transaction with a message in English “Don’t blame until you do that”, which he translated as “don’t judge without trying”. The author States that listened to the advice and “mired in same-sex relationships”.

According to Moskvich, after the message his life changed for the worse. The victim believes that Apple pushed it to homosexuality, but the change occurred caused plaintiff “mental suffering and emotional harm.” The damage he estimated at 1 million rubles.

The case is expected to be considered, according to the website of the Presnensky district court.

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