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iPhone News about the iPhone July 31, 2007 on 4:10 pm | In iPhones | 2 Comments


You have just bought a new iPhone, but what could you do with your old cell phone? With you can claim some dollars in exchange to your old phone. Or if you want to do a good deed, you can through Cell for cash as well. A lot of brands are available, mostly all the manufacturers of the market and especially:


I’ve tried a quote to and I could get $14 from it, not bad. So, it’s time for you to  if you have recently bought a new iPhone.

I forgot something, you could resell your if you are not happy with it.


dailymotion on your iPhone

July 28, 2007 on 2:17 pm | In Soft | 1 Comment

Dailymotion has released an of their video sharing website (claimed to be the 2nd in the video sharing area in the world far behind Youtube). I let you enjoy it, all the videos are in MP4 format (MPEG4 is used by quicktime).


Optimizing iPhone battery life

July 25, 2007 on 11:43 am | In iPhones | 2 Comments

Apple has released some advices for iPhone users regarding their . From my experience, the best tips are:

           - lock your iPhone

           - disable Wifi when you don’t need it

           - disable Bluetooth when you don’t need it

iPhone battery


Mister Wong Bookmarks for iPhone

July 24, 2007 on 3:06 pm | In Soft | No Comments

Mister Wong

Mister Wong bookmark application has recently launched an that enables iPhone users to discover and share their bookmarks online.



Google search optimized for iPhone

July 24, 2007 on 9:42 am | In Soft | No Comments

Google has designed a specific , it’s a great optimization for the device as it allows to use all the screen without zooming all the time.


Traffic Gauge on your iPhone

July 23, 2007 on 9:24 pm | In Soft | 1 Comment

You need to see real-time traffic on your iPhone, here is the answer: .


AIM for iPhone = FlickIM

July 19, 2007 on 1:20 pm | In Soft | 5 Comments


Internet Next3 has brought an iPhone for every employee when the iPhone launched in June. And then they discovered that it’s not easy to chat with an iPhone, even with Meebo.

Then the guys at Internet Next3 created a AIM chat application for the iPhone, you just have to go to

FlickIM iPhone



iPhone Nano in a Video

July 12, 2007 on 3:33 pm | In iPhones | No Comments



July 11, 2007 on 10:56 pm | In Soft | No Comments


Now you can use your iPhone for file storage (it was not the case with built in functionnalities) with . This application has been developed by ecamm network, the price is $9.95.

To download a free demo, .

iPhoneDrive Screen


iWeathr on your iPhone

July 11, 2007 on 10:50 pm | In Soft, iPhones | 1 Comment

Provided by weather.com, is an iPhone web application dedicated for weather forecast in USA.

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