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T-Mobile iPhone

Apple will go with T-Mobile for the iPhone in November the 9th as in UK. The price would 399 Euros which is close to the UK price fut far away from the US price. T-Mobile is the mobile leader in Germany, O2 is the leader as well in UK, so we could now guess that Orange would be the iPhone winner in France. Now let’s wait for the iPhone France announcement, maybe the 24th for Paris Apple Expo.


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  1. No, it is the SAME as the US price: 399 currency units. To those who make the mistake of translating foreign currencies into USD for the purpose of consumer price comparison: don’t. The fact of the matter is that the person who buys an iPhone for €399 in Germany is NOT earning (or spending) USD - so comparing it to the US$ price is not valid. If every Euro-earner could get on a plane and buy one in the US then you might have a valid comparison but they can’t for many and obvious reasons.

    The only way to make such a comparison validly is to ascertain the %age of disposable income any such item represents to its buyers in both countries. Compare that and you will see an item’s true cost to people in different currency zones.

    Comment by Charlie Parker - Paris, FR — September 20, 2007 #

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