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iPhone News about the iPhone September 12, 2008 on 3:08 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

I’ve just discovered a new supplier for the iPod-iPhone family that provides wonderful kits and demos about , but also and finally replacement of your battery.

You can also use their no-obligation repair evaluation services, and then check if your beloved iPod-iPhone is possible to repair after a water damage, cracked screen, etc…

The batteries that put inside your iPod or iPhone are better than the original ones from Apple. So it is worth considering if your battery is out of order or not good enough to handle a full day of use.

Here is an example of the kind of videos iPod Juice provides to help customers change themselves the batteries of their Ipod, and also do a full eventually.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

iPod juice provides as well other tools and devices useful for iPod/iPhone users, such as:

  • Solar-powered charger
  • iPod charger and backup battery
  • Automobile outlet charger
  • USB and firewire charging cable
  • USB Retractable charging cable
  • Repair kits to open your iPod/iPhone

In terms of warranty, the batteries are guaranteed for 10 years. In terms of shipping and delivery, iPod Juice is using USPS, UPS or FedEx.


iPhone Firmware 2.1 is ready!

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Check your iTunes (8.0) now:

iPhone firmware 2.1


4% market share for the iPhone from Smartphones

September 10, 2008 on 11:55 pm | In iPhones | 1 Comment

Interesting chart from Admob today:


iTunes 8 and Firmware 2.1 on Friday

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Let’s Rock has given us the latest news about the Apple products for the Christmas season. So we have a new iTunes 8, a new iPod Touch and new iPod Nano-chromatic!

iPod Touch New


EA Spore Origins available in the App Store

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Electronic Arts has finally launched Spore Origins on the iPhone’s App Store. I guess all the iPhone gamers would be very happy.

Spore Origins

Spore Origins iPhone


Best Buy is selling the iPhone 3G

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Another seller for the iPhone 3G in the US:

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