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iPhone News about the iPhone March 30, 2007 on 11:45 pm | In Cingular, News | 3 Comments

According to , the iPhone might be released on the 11th of June. If so, it would be on the same day as the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, I think it’s not a coincidence, Steve Jobs is a very good in marketing…

Cingular good news

March 27, 2007 on 10:01 pm | In Cingular, iPhones | 3 Comments

that about 1 million├é┬ápeople gave their email address to receive information about the launch of the iPhone. I’m not sure that they will all buy an iPhone in June, but for sure, for Apple and AT&T, it’s a good sign of popularity, and a good benchmark for future sales.

Here is the page at where you put your email address:


In parallel of that, it’s interesting to see the iPhone effect on web statistics for the Cingular.com website:

Cingular Alexa Stats

Google trends shows quite the same fact, in the beginning of January a lot of people where interested in Cingular and AT&T because of the iPhone launch with this exclusive partner:

Cingular Google

In conclusion, it’s a very good deal for Cingular, and a very good sign of future sales for both partners…

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