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iPhone News about the iPhone January 31, 2007 on 11:40 pm | In Accessories | 2 Comments

It is really amazing that some accessories providers already put their products into before the launch of the iPhone. I picked up 3 of them, you can see that they have good photoshop specialists.

Wireless Bluetooth Headset for the Apple iPhone
Powered Lighter Car / Auto Mount PDA Phone Holder for the Apple iPhone
Black Leather Flip Case fits Apple iPhone by Incipio

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iPhone at Amazon UK

January 27, 2007 on 10:52 am | In iPhones | 2 Comments

You can subscribe to receive an email alert when the iPhone would be available in the UK with Amazon, to do so, click on the links: or

First fake TV ad of the iPhone

January 19, 2007 on 11:16 pm | In iPhones | 2 Comments

Found on

The huge buzz around the iPhone announcement in MacWorld

January 18, 2007 on 1:42 am | In News | 1 Comment

When you search for iphone in Google.com, you have in the top 5 results a blog: . To measure the impact of the announcement, you could get into Alexa traffic infos for that blog, and it has a huge impact on visitors to that blog:

If you focus on the last month, you could see that the traffic increase exactly on the day when Steve Jobs announced the launch in June of the iPhone:

Alexa Traffic

An interesting figure is Technorati, since the launch, the “iphone” has been the most popular keyword in Technorati:

iPhone 3D animation

January 18, 2007 on 1:20 am | In iPhones | 2 Comments

Just enjoy, thanks to

First spam with the iPhone

January 16, 2007 on 6:00 pm | In News | 2 Comments

I think it’s the first spam I received with an iPhone offer inside…

iPhone Spam

During the wait for the iPhone launch

January 16, 2007 on 4:45 pm | In iPhones | 8 Comments

If you can’t wait for the iPhone launch in June, you can create your own with this . (from )

iPhone news released

January 16, 2007 on 12:22 am | In News | 1 Comment

This is the first post on the iPhone news blog. This blog will cover the launch of the Apple iPhone which would be a new fantastic device in the mobile world…

Apple is breaking the news with this new device which merge in the same handsheld an ipod, a mobile phone, and an internet machine to communicate.

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