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iPhone News about the iPhone February 26, 2007 on 11:04 am | In iPhones | 1 Comment

Here is the first TV ad for the iPhone seen yesterday for the Oscars ceremony.

Apple and Cisco resolved their dispute with iPhone trademark

February 22, 2007 on 10:43 am | In News | 1 Comment

Finally Apple and Cisco have resolved their dispute regarding the “iphone” trademark owned by Cisco. It is a very good information for Apple as they can now freely use the iphone name and sell the mobile phone in the US. Cisco and Apple will also collaborate in security, and consumer and enterprise communications. It seems that there is a financial agreement, because “Other terms of the agreement are confidential”.

To have a look at the , .

Free iPhone ringtone

February 5, 2007 on 9:42 am | In Accessories | 1 Comment

If you want to get a for your current mobile, simply .

Microsoft Zune Phone is coming?

February 1, 2007 on 11:22 pm | In Competition | 3 Comments

It is a sound tip from , Microsoft would sell a Phone at this end of this year… I think it would be a great year to see some very good products around Music, personal assistant, mobile phones, and much more.

iPhone Full Show

February 1, 2007 on 2:00 pm | In Reviews | No Comments

Enjoy the Full show of Steve Jobs with a very good quality video: (You could see it in full screen mode by right click on it and click Enter Full Screen, you need Flash 9 or above)

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