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iPhone News about the iPhone March 30, 2007 on 11:45 pm | In Cingular, News | 3 Comments

According to , the iPhone might be released on the 11th of June. If so, it would be on the same day as the Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, I think it’s not a coincidence, Steve Jobs is a very good in marketing…

Yahoo Mail – Unlimited Storage

March 28, 2007 on 9:32 pm | In News | 2 Comments

Yahoo Mail will be the , see the of Apple. that in May 2007, the Mail storage would be unlimited. So, is it for the iPhone or is it related to the free opening of Google Mail few weeks ago and the 2,8 GB of mail storage? My guess is that it is related to the Google fight, and Yahoo want to keep its domination in Webmail with this announcement.  

Cingular good news

March 27, 2007 on 10:01 pm | In Cingular, iPhones | 3 Comments

that about 1 million people gave their email address to receive information about the launch of the iPhone. I’m not sure that they will all buy an iPhone in June, but for sure, for Apple and AT&T, it’s a good sign of popularity, and a good benchmark for future sales.

Here is the page at where you put your email address:


In parallel of that, it’s interesting to see the iPhone effect on web statistics for the Cingular.com website:

Cingular Alexa Stats

Google trends shows quite the same fact, in the beginning of January a lot of people where interested in Cingular and AT&T because of the iPhone launch with this exclusive partner:

Cingular Google

In conclusion, it’s a very good deal for Cingular, and a very good sign of future sales for both partners…


March 26, 2007 on 2:59 pm | In Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Tariq Krim founder of Netvibes continue to present the iPhone as a new place to see Netvibes’ widgets in the near future, as you can see in the picture here:


You can see the video (sorry again it’s in French) (the presentation of Netvibes widget for iPhone is at 16 min from the beginning).

iPhone Buzz Analysis

March 16, 2007 on 1:47 am | In iPhones | 3 Comments

It’s really interesting to measure the buzz around the iPhone announcement back in January. In fact I come back to that period because Google has unveiled some key figures around the early days of January:


As you can see, in early January the search of the term “iphone” starts to be a big phenomenon and it surpass the “ipod” term. But after that short period the buzz has stopped because the annoucement was for the iPhone fans to wait until June 2007. Finally, before January the search of the term “iphone” was closed to zero, but after the annoucement it becomes a popular term (about 17% of the search of “ipod” or “apple” term). I won’t be surprised to see “iphone” term in the top searches on popular search engines for 2007…

Anyway, some interesting graphs about the news buzz around the iPhone show that the news buzz is very closed to the trend of “iphone” search inside Google.



Finally, here is the Alexa stats (I know that Alexa is not really accurate) of a blog that has talked about the iPhone since a long time and who is in the top 10 list of website in Google when you search for “iphone”. As you can see the stats of this blog has the same look as the Google trends graph:


I will make a bet about the real launch of the iPhone in June, I think we will see a bigger buzz around this launch compared to the announcement of January, see you in June to measure it live…

iPhone Converter (DVD to MPEG-4)

March 11, 2007 on 2:08 am | In Soft | 3 Comments
Lenogo Box An interesting software is now available from : the which is a tool that convert any DVD or video to a MPEG-4 file which is readable by the iPhone. It is a Windows Application, but there are also some versions for Mac in the Lenogo Suite.

It’s really simple to convert to a MPEG-4 file, you just select your source (DVD disc):

Lenogo Screen 1

You just have to click on Setting to adjust the video size to the iPhone screen size (480×320):

Lenogo Screen 2

And after you just click on Convert…

It’s very simple and useful.

Netvibes on iPhone

March 4, 2007 on 10:15 pm | In Soft | 3 Comments

that a Netvibes widget might be available on the iPhone when it will be available. It is possible because Netvibes has build a that enable a Netvibes module to be available on Apple Dashboard.

iPhone + Jajah = Voice over IP?

March 4, 2007 on 10:09 pm | In Soft | No Comments

I’m a great fan of Jajah since October 2006, and I missed their blog… that they support the iPhone with their voice over IP functionnality on mobile phone. It’s really not a surprise… Why, because their technology is faily simple, it’s not a voice over IP when you need an internet connection, it’s a voice over IP using your existing phone. So when you use Jajah, your phone is ringing, and then you are connected with your correspondent. So it would be very easy to put it on the iPhone, with a web page you could enable Jajah, with a java application you could enable jajah, with an SMS (I think it could work) you could enable Jajah.

Finally, for the Apple world, so I think that we will find this applet on the iPhone as well…


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