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iPhone News about the iPhone June 20, 2007 on 8:58 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

After Google Maps, here we have the demo of Youtube with an iPhone, sweet… I can’t wait.

[vpod.tv ctoudic/240279]

Another Non-official iPhone TV Spot

June 14, 2007 on 11:10 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

I don’t know where they found the money when producers make those kind of nice TV Spot. Thanks to and from for this very nice video:

[vpod.tv ctoudic/234582]

Great Internet Browser for the iPhone

June 7, 2007 on 9:19 am | In iPhones | 1 Comment

Apple has released a new TV Spot with a focus on the web browser embedded in the iPhone (Safari’s iPhone version), and it looks great a really useful for that kind of small device.

[vpod.tv ctoudic/222472]

Amazing non official TV Spot of the iPhone

June 6, 2007 on 10:16 am | In iPhones | No Comments

Here is a really nice and amazing TV Spot of the iPhone made by . This guy is really a talented video animator.

It really looks like a real Apple new TV Spot, and I hope that Apple will hire him for new spots.

You can see this video in full screen by right click on the video during play and click on Go Full Screen.

[vpod.tv ctoudic/221534]

New iPhone TV Ads from Apple

June 4, 2007 on 10:52 pm | In iTunes | 2 Comments

Here are the new iPhone TV Ads in HD format:

[vpod.tv ctoudic/220476]
[vpod.tv ctoudic/220468]
[vpod.tv ctoudic/220460]

And the great new information is the date of the launch: 29 June 2007.

25 days to wait…

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