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For the fans of soccer, or football if you leave in Europe, you can see live text commenting on your favorite sport on your favorite device, your iPhone, check with your iPhone.

Sponsored Post: iPhone Atmo

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iPhone Atmo

iPhone Atmo is a website dedicated to give you free .

There are nearly 300 wallpapers available in the website in different categories, such as:

- Abstract

- Babes

- Cars

- iPhone

- Landscapes

- Males

- Misc

- Movies

- Music

- Space

- Sports

- Television

- Video Games

- Wildlife

The good thing is you can request a wallpaper if you need one particular.

You can also see what are the most popular , and the newest ones. You’ve got also a install your wallpaper on your beloved iPhone.

Finally there is a RSS Feed to follow the latest wallpapers published on the website, so you can keep a track on the backgrounds for your iPhone.

Here are my favourites wallpapers accross this website:




















Enjoy and personalize your iPhone .

What a Launch!

November 11, 2007 on 3:04 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

It was a crazy atmosphere in the Apple Store Regent Street on Friday at 6.O2pm. Lots of people, even on the road, lots of Bobbies, and lots of cameras from TV Channels.

The welcome from Apple Store staff was incredible, they applauded for each queue member who enter the store, and each one who left the store with THE iPhone!

Some photos:

Apple Store Regent Street Launch

Apple Store Regent Street Launch

Apple Store Regent Street Launch

Trusted Places on iPhone

November 9, 2007 on 10:51 am | In iPhones | 1 Comment

(local reviews on bars, restaurants, local shops) has just launched their . Thanks Walid!!!

Trusted Places iPhone

The Regent Street Queue is Growing

November 9, 2007 on 10:28 am | In iPhones | No Comments

Here is the latest picture of the queue (about 10 people), The Cloud gave them some jumpers to stay warm because it’s cold in London today (around 5°C). The Cloud will be the Internet Wifi provider for iPhone users in UK.

Regent Street Queue Growing

The queue for the iPhone in London!

November 8, 2007 on 9:41 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

The queue have started today around lunchtime in front of Apple Store Regent Street, about 6 people so far at 6pm, and they wait under the rain…

Good luck guys!

Apple Store Regent Street Queue

Biggest Apple Store in UK – Ready for iPhone Launch

November 8, 2007 on 11:38 am | In iPhones | No Comments

Apple store in Regent Street is ready for the launch as you can see:

iPhone Regent Street

iPhone Regent Street Launch

O2 keeps fans on pressure

November 7, 2007 on 5:46 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

Look at this email received today:
O2 iPhone Launch

iPhone in Europe, First Stop United Kingdom

November 6, 2007 on 10:27 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

are preparing the arrival of the iPhone in UK. 1300 shops will be opened on Friday the 9th of November at 6.O2pm!

Apple stores will be closed from 2pm to 6.O2pm on Friday to prepare the arrival.

Stay tuned for the launch on Friday…

“Unlimited” Data Allowance for UK iPhone

November 5, 2007 on 10:58 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

According to UK , O2 will virtually allow iPhone users to have unlimited data allowance with their iPhone. Of course it’s not really unlimited, and it will be under a limit of a “fair usage”. This annoucement has been made by O2 UK chief executive Matthew Key:

O2 iPhone

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