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iPhone News about the iPhone March 31, 2009 on 8:06 am | In iPhones | No Comments

I’ve been waiting for Skype on iPhone for at least a year… I’m a Truphone user, but I’m not happy with it, it doesn’t work very well in terms of call quality. I hope the official version would be as good as the desktop application.



Another good iPhone adapted Blog about Corsica

March 18, 2009 on 11:48 am | In iPhones | No Comments

I’ve just discovered this nice Blog talking about the french island: situated in the Mediterranean Sea. The nice thing is you can see it on your iPhone, with redimensioned images while you visit the island. There is an interesting post about the Wifi you can get for free or nearly free with Fon in Corsica .

Web version:

iPhone version:

Firmware 3.0 is nearly ready

March 17, 2009 on 9:20 pm | In iPhones | 2 Comments

The show was really good, a lot of very good new features in that OS 3.0 for our preferred phone. Copy/Paste and MMS are nearly ready for us and a lot of APIs for the developers to build new very cool applications.

Also, Bluetooth will be better used by the iPhone, so it was not a hardware issue but a software problem to use stereo headset, and communicate with other devices via Bluetooth.

The only problem, we need to wait until this summer to test it.

Apple vs Blackberry

March 17, 2009 on 12:54 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

First Episode, The Attack:


Second Episode, The Response:


iPhone Firmware 3.0 Rumours

March 17, 2009 on 11:31 am | In iPhones | No Comments

According to Kevin Rose, we might finally have copy/cut and paste finally on the iPhone. It looks like we might have as well the MMS with this new firmware. All good news, but I hope to have video recording, background applications and Flash inside Safari in this release.

Let’s cross fingers and wait 5,5 hours…

Firmware 3.0 on the 17th of March?

March 13, 2009 on 12:11 am | In iPhones | No Comments

Apple has announced a public event on the 17th to announce something big apparently for the iPhone… Is it the Firmware 3.0? A new iPhone? I doubt for the new device, it might be in June-July like the 3G announcement.

Let’s see on Tuesday, I can’t wait…

Could Sygic be accepted by Apple???

March 5, 2009 on 9:37 am | In iPhones | No Comments

It’s the question of the day, could this , that helps you find your way on a pre-loaded map with the built-in GPS, be accepted by Apple?

For my point of view, it’s not a competitor with Google Maps on the iPhone, if you have ever tested it while driving, I’m sure you would understand what I mean… But will Apple thinks the same?

Cross fingers!

Kindle for iPhone = Thanks Amazon

March 4, 2009 on 9:32 am | In iPhones | 1 Comment

Good news for the iPhone owners, you can save the price of a Kindle and read your ebooks or enewspapers with your iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s not available in UK…

A lot of new product updates, but no new iPhone/iPod Touch

March 3, 2009 on 10:09 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

New iMac, new Mac Book Pro, and a too expensive Mac Mini update…

Sadly, nothing for the iPhone or iPod Touch, it will be for June, I think the 3rd Gen of iPhone will come at this time…

First Girls Band playing Music Instruments on iPhone

March 2, 2009 on 1:22 pm | In iPhones | No Comments

Quite an impressive result, check it out:


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