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You have just bought a new iPhone, but what could you do with your old cell phone? With you can claim some dollars in exchange to your old phone. Or if you want to do a good deed, you can through Cell for cash as well. A lot of brands are available, mostly all the manufacturers of the market and especially:


I’ve tried a quote to and I could get $14 from it, not bad. So, it’s time for you to  if you have recently bought a new iPhone.

I forgot something, you could resell your if you are not happy with it.


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  1. Well… you could hold on to your own cell phone for when you have to send off the Iphone for service… even if it’s just for a battery. I’m not paying a $29 loaner fee in addition to the apple care plan. I love my Iphone… but having a spare is a no brainer…

    Comment by C — July 31, 2007 #

  2. Hmmmm I’ll let you know what I get for my POS phone when the iPhone actually arrives in Australia!

    Typically I’d keep a spare phone around if my everyday one breaks…. I have about a half-dozen Nokias and a Sony Ericsson K600i. Not a bad spare :-)

    Swing by my .

    Comment by — August 6, 2007 #

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