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iPhone News about the iPhone September 6, 2007 on 9:12 pm | In iPhones, News | 3 Comments

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Finally, Steve Jobs has heard the complaint of all the early adopters of the iPhone, and of vouchers available in Apple stores and Apple Online store.

Thanks Steve, it’s very rare in the technology market to see such action for customers.


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  1. Thanks, Steve. It wasn’t necessary. The pleasure I’ve had using the iPhone for the past two months was worth $100. And the pleasure of knowing that more people will now be able to get the iPhone is worth another $100. So in my mind I’ve now suddenly got a $100 voucher to get more Apple stuff!!! Weeeeee!

    Comment by qbit9 — September 7, 2007 #

  2. I just re-read Steve’s message. I note that he says “Details are still being worked out and will be posted on Apple’s website next week.” But the page is undated. Is this like the sign in my corner bar that says “Free Beer Tomorrow”?

    Comment by RJM — September 12, 2007 #

  3. Those $100 are really a kick in the nuts of all Apple adicts! I mean Apple lives from those early adaptor freaks that buy everything they bring out on the market at a very early stage. Don’t you think?

    Comment by — September 15, 2007 #

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