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iPhone News about the iPhone December 14, 2007 on 10:04 am | In iPhones | 1 Comment

I’ve just discovered a new video delivery platform for the iPhone and also the iPod Touch, it’s provide if you go with your mobile device directly the video delivery platform. This platform enables you to search, personalize and play videos from all over the Internet.

What is interesting with Avot mV is that you don’t have to go to any URL on the web to search for videos, you just go to Avot website, and the search engine gives you the videos you want directly.

Avot mV iPhone

The user experience is great especially on iPhone, but this application is also compatible with many other pocket PC, such as:

- HTC S710

- Motorola Q9

- Palm Treo 750

Mobile users experience the same fast, high-quality video they enjoy at their desktops—or even in front of their television sets. Avot mV also maximizes the size and clarity of the video display by removing unnecessary clutter from the mobile user’s screen. The result is the optimum display possible on a mobile device, no matter what, when or where the mobile user is watching.

The solution lets user organize the web videos in the playlist and watch them on the go. The user can create/add unlimited number of playlists and manage videos on the mobile device. This allows users to watch what they want, when they want by converting their mobile phones to an entertainment jukebox.

I let you have a look at Avot’s to have more information about Avot Media. But they have also an which shows many screenshots of the application on iPhone.

Finally here is a video about the user experience of Avot mV on the iPhone:


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  1. From today catalan language users of iPhone can use the device in catalan too. iCatalanize, a little app took over the phone and translate all the strings into the Barcelona language. It is interesting the fact that iPhone are not officialy in sale in the catalan speaking area. Only a tiny part of the catalan users (those living in the area surronding Perpignan, in France) can buy iPhones from Orange. But unlocked iPhones are very popular today in the big catalan speaking cities in Spain too, mainly Barcelona and Valencia.

    Program has been developed by the authors of iEspañolize, an app that translates all the menus to spanish, popular among those who use the 1.1.1 versions. iCatalanize works in every version of the iPhone.

    More information:

    Comment by vpartal — December 17, 2007 #

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